Colette Movie PosterKeira Knightley acts in a British biographical film called Colette, based on the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. The drama is directed by Wash Westmoreland, and Keira plays opposite Dominic West, who plays the character ‘Willy’.

Henry Gauthier-Villars (Willy), introduces Colette to Paris, at a time when it is at its most bohemian, a far cry from the rural childhood home of France she was used to. She marries Willy, who is a successful Parisian writer, with all the intellectual entrapments and artistic splendour that involved.

It’s not long before Willy discovers Colette has a talent for writing, and he persuades her to ghost-write for him. She agrees, and turns in a semiautobiographical book that is both funny and brazen in equal measure. The book is named Claudine, and becomes both a literacy sensation and bestseller, with women unusually turning out in their droves to purchase the book. (more…)

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns

Can you believe it’s been fifty-three years since the original Mary Poppins opened on our screens? I’m sure that Disney are hoping for Mary Poppins Returns to be ‘practically perfect in every way!’

The film isn’t in fact a re-make of the original, but a new movie, with a fresh story-line. To not ruin the surprise Disney haven’t actually revealed a lot about the plot.

Here’s what we do know about the film’s storyline

Jane and Michael – the grown-up Banks children are living in their parents’ original home at Cherry Tree Lane, the action is set twenty-five years later in 1935, and now Michael has children of his own.

At first you assume that Mary Poppins has returned to look after the children, but in fact she is there to help her original children – now adults, Jane and Michael. They are particularly in need of an injection of joy, after Michael suffers a personal loss leaving the whole family sad. (more…)

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly’…But what about that dreaded Hangover?

Tis the Season to be JollyIn the UK pubs are still closing at a rate of knots, and yet the British love a tipple, and never more so than at Christmas. With Supermarkets competing with each, and driving down the price of alcohol, it is readily available giving people plenty of incentive to stock up.

But, if you have reached a certain age, where you can’t drink quite like you used to, or at least not whilst waking up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed – then read on for some smart ways to minimise the almighty hangover.

  • Of course, as the first point, I should say that if you don’t want a hangover – the first and easiest option is to not drink!


Three Good Reads

Nine Perfect Strangers Book

We’ve got three good books to explore, a thriller, an inspiring year-long journey and possibly the last self-help book you’ll ever need!

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

You probably recognise Liane Moriarty’s name, as she is the best-selling author behind the hit HBO TV series – Big Little Lies.

Her latest book is set at Tranquillum House, a health & wellness retreat that sells itself on the basis of total transformation.

So, nine city folk that want to escape for a while from their stressful lives, dropping their mental and physical baggage as they go, via meditation, massage and more, go to the house. They are without cars, phones and all the entrapments of a modern existence that would allow them access to the outside world.

It should be a time of just getting to know each other, and getting more in touch with themselves.

The retreat is watched over by the Resort’s director, a woman who can be described as ‘on a mission’, but perhaps her mission is at odds with what the guests are imagining or expecting…

Maybe, just maybe behind the glamorous facade – a dark agenda lies! (more…)


MagicHalloween seems like the perfect time to discuss magic, as the season conjures up all things sorcery.

Magic is for many a combination of science and art; the science part is in researching witchcraft and following a specific spell and method, and the art comes in the form of your insights, intuition and creative abilities! Both elements are needed in order to alter the natural forces to bring about your will and produce a new outcome.

Black Magic – White Magic

No doubt you will have heard the terms ‘Black Magic’ and ‘White Magic’. Magic that is used with the purpose of causing someone harm or being used to manipulate and circumvent free will is black magic, and white magic is where you wish to bring about a positive outcome.

But of course, things are not that simple, and life is not black and white. For example, if a person wished another to fall in love with them, then the desired outcome is a positive one, but it could not be achieved without influencing the will of the object of desire!

So, for some people the term black magic will be reserved for spells that draw on evil forces. (more…)

Halloween – Movie

Halloween Movie FranchiseFilm franchises, perhaps especially horror franchises are not necessarily known for their quality, often they just become a commercial enterprise, full of a lot of cliché’s and in the case of slasher movies, just a fresh approach on characters to kill off!

But the latest ‘Halloween’ film, is trying to sidestep that issue, by becoming a direct sequel to the original John Carpenter film of 1978. In doing so they are not chained by continuity issues of the franchise series of films that came after. This has given them the leeway to create a narrative that actually has a story, with an underlying theme of looking at the consequences that are far-reaching and long-lasting for the victims of trauma and violence.

Whilst a serious theme is addressed, don’t be mistaken for thinking that this horror movie moves away from its ‘slasher’ origins, because it doesn’t. There is plenty of violence and scenes of gore, but at the same time there is much humour, and a clever nod here and there to the previous films. (more…)

Hand Reading – Part 2

PalmistryIf you didn’t see the first part of this post, then  click here  to read about the 1st and 2nd stages of hand reading.

The third step is to look at the lines. There are five main lines that we assess on the palms, each of which tell us about character and the events in a life. The lines can even tell us what stage a person is at in terms of their career, love life, health and more…

There are certain marks on the lines, for example crosses or stars that point to events or turning points in a person’s life. These might denote a need to take extra care, or a break may demonstrate a complete stop of energy. (more…)

Hand Reading – Part 1

Hand ReadingReading palms is likely to have started in the Far East as long ago as 4000 years, it is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures and The Old Testament. It is thought hand reading, also known as Palmistry and palm reading spread in popularity throughout Greece and the Roman Empire and has been practised in one form another ever since.

There is a difference between what your dominant and passive hand can tell you. Generally, your dominant hand (the one you write with), reveals the aspects of your personality and how others perceive you. It can also assess your talent, your health, your life in general and likely future successes you will have. Whereas your passive hand is much more about your potential, your imagination and your instincts. (more…)

Chinese Animal Eye Types

Iridology: Tiger EyesAs you know in Chinese astrology, they associate birth years with animals. When it comes to the ancient practise of face reading, they also associate different eye types with animals. In Japan the practise of Physiognomy (The Art of Face Reading) characterises eyes based on their shape, and the shapes are derived from animal’s eyes – they base things on 40 animals in total, but for today we will concentrate on the seven animal types that the Chinese use.

Cow Eyes

Cow eyes are large and rounded, they have a steady and tranquil gaze. With this person – you will know where you stand, they are both honest and direct, on occasion you may need to forgive their bluntness. You might describe a person with cow eyes as being impulsive and charismatic, and yet they are not adventurous per se. They can be both emotional and romantics at heart, you will love their gentle and patient persona. (more…)

Angel Crafts

Angel CardsSchool holidays are in full swing, so ifyou have children at home and are doing some arts and crafts, why not join in the fun and create your own Angel Card deck.

Making the cards

  • Angel card decks vary in number from 34-48 cards.
  • You will need to cut pieces of card, all to the same size – you can base these on the size of playing cards; or go bigger if your shuffling abilities are not great, or you really want to go to town on the design of the cards!


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The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 (approx. US$50) for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 (approx. US$2.50) per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.