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Holliday GraingerThe Books

J.K. Rowling wrote a series of detective books, under a pseudonym – Robert Galbraith, but of course in this day and age it’s difficult to keep a secret and it wasn’t long before people realised the identity of the true author. The books went on to critical acclaim, making the best-sellers lists.

The debut book is called Cuckoo’s Calling, followed by The Silkworm and then Career Of Evil. Rowling has recently been teasing her fans over the name of her fourth book in the series, with one person guessing the name correctly as Lethal White. It is believed that she is planning at least six more books in the series.

On her website for the books she explains why she wanted to write under a pseudonym: “To begin with I was yearning to go back to the beginning of a writing career in this new genre, to work without hype or expectation and to receive totally unvarnished feedback. It was a fantastic experience and I only wish it could have gone on a little longer than it did. I was grateful at the time for all the feedback from publishers and readers, and for some great reviews. Being Robert Galbraith was all about the work, which is my favourite part of being a writer. Now my cover has been blown, I plan to continue to write as Robert to keep the distinction from other writing and because I rather enjoy having another persona.” (more…)

UK Calling

UK Calling LogoIf you have a landline telephone or mobile phone, then the chances are you have been contacted by your provider about changes that Ofcom are bringing in to place from the 1st July 2015 to make it easier for everyone to understand the actual cost of dialling specific numbers.

Hence the name of the campaign – UK Calling: Clear Call Rates for Everyone!

As a result of these changes you will notice some differences on the Psychic Sight website and in corresponding advertising.
Currently the advertised cost of our Premium Rate calls – those numbers starting 0906 11 are £1.53 per minute. There may also be some corresponding terms: From a BT Landline, + standard network rate or network charges may apply.

From the 1st July 2015, the price and wording for calls to our numbers will change as follows: 0906 11 calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

From 1 July 2015, the cost of calling service numbers will be made up of two parts:

• An access charge: This part of the call charge goes to your phone company, charged as pence per minute. They will tell you how much the access charge will be for calls to service numbers. It will be made clear on bills and when you take out a contract.

• A service charge: This is the rest of the call charge. The organisation (Psychic Sight) you are calling decides this, and will tell you how much it is.
The new rule will impact numbers that start 084, 087, 09 and 118. The changes do not impact numbers to ordinary landline numbers such as those starting 01, 02, 03 or mobiles (07) numbers. They will also not alter payphone calls, international calls or calls to the UK if roaming abroad.
In a further change, calls to Freephone numbers starting 0800 or 0808 will be free to mobile users as they are to existing landline users.
For further information you should contact your telephone provider and you can visit the UK Calling website:

Twitter: @uk_calling

Sugar v Fat

I-Quit-SugarIf you regularly read a paper or magazines you will know that there is a rumbling in the diet world, we have long be told that fat was the demon in our diet and that to be slim, a healthy weight and fight off diseases we must cut down how much fat we consume, particularly saturated fat.

But now, there is new argument in town that states actually sugar is the enemy and that all of those low fat products we have been eating to keep us healthy have actually been making us fatter!

Easter has just gone, and maybe you indulged in just a bit too much chocolate? And of course with two bank holidays in May, wedding season and summer holidays will be just around the corner, so now is the time that many of us think about losing a few pounds as we shed a few layers of clothing… But you would be right to be confused about just what advice to follow.

Dr Robert Lustig is an American Doctor; he has spent the past sixteen years treating childhood obesity and studying the effects of sugar on the central nervous system and metabolism. He has written a book called: Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease.

Dr Robert Lustig believes that sugar is toxic, addictive and everywhere, he knows it is difficult to consider a life that is sugar free, but the diets of processed foods that developed nations are feeding themselves is chronically expanding our waistlines and is soaring levels of diabetes and other serious obesity related illnesses.

In his book he explores the following:

• Why conventional low-fat weight loss advice won’t work: not every calorie is the same, and skipping lunch doesn’t mean it is okay to eat dessert
• Why too much sugar can cause serious illness even if you are not overweight
• How the food industry is filling our diets with hidden sugars – and which foods you must cut out to avoid them
•How governments are complacent about, and even complicit in, exacerbating our food debacle

The World Health Organisation seems to agree that sugar is a problem, and has just slashed its recommend daily intake of sugar in half to around 6 teaspoon per day. The WHO limits apply to all ‘free’ sugar, which is sugar that is added to foods by the manufacturer, plus that naturally present in honey, syrups, and fruit juices.

Of course it is easy to see this as just one more fad making the rounds, in 2013 variations on fasting diets have proved very popular and is look set to continue in 2014. In many women’s magazines or health publications the virtues of the latest celebrity diet plan are often listed in detail. One such diet is the Paleo diet, sometimes known as the Caveman plan. Our cover star is one such advocate, Jessica Biel (married to Justin Timberlake), obviously needs to keep in shape for her career as an actress, signer and model. She has said that she does all her own cooking at home using fresh fish or lean meat like chicken and vegetables. “Eating Paleo just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat and water-weight right off your body”. Essentially Paleo followers eat lean protein, vegetables, seafood, nuts & seeds and healthy fats.

There are plenty of other celebrity followers of a Paleo or similar diet lifestyles, such as Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Tom Jones, Jack Osbourne, Uma Thurman, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McCaughey to name but a few…

Whilst a Paleo type diet may address many of the problems concerning high sugar consumption, it is perhaps too expensive and extreme for most of us, with Nutritionists concerned about the amount of food groups that are excluded. Which is perhaps why books like ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson are proving so popular.

Sarah is Australian and is a journalist, in 2011 she started a 2 week experiment to quit sugar, her health and wellbeing were impacted so positively in such a short time that she kept going.

The thing is that Sarah did not outwardly look like someone who ate a lot of sugar, she thought she was making good food choices, but even with things like fruit, dried fruit, honey, dark chocolate etc. – the amounts per day soon built up. On working it out a conservative day would see her consume 25 teaspoons of sugar, and that is probably similar for many of us.

Sarah wrote the book ‘I Quit Sugar’ which was published in the UK earlier this year, which is an 8 week detox guide to gradually quitting sugar. The book comes complete with lots of recipes including desserts, snacks, kid’s meals etc.

If you think sugar might be a problem in your diet, why not take Sarah’s test:
Time to quit? You decide!

♥ Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?
♥ Do you need something sweet after meals?
♥ Does your stomach get bloated after eating?
♥ Are you unable to eat just one piece of cake and walk away?
♥ Are you ‘podgy’ around the middle, perhaps even slim everywhere else?
♥ Do you often feel unclear? That you’re not always sharp and on-form?

Realistically we all know that we have to move more and eat less, but new research is beginning to show that not all calories are created equally, and that the old virtue of cut back by 3500 calories equates to losing a pound of fat may not be so simple for all of us. If you are struggling with weight loss, it might be time to check with your Doctor and look at your sugar intake!

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Sisterland Book CoverCurtis Sittenfeld is the author of the bestselling novels American Wife, Prep, and The Man of My Dreams, which have been translated into twenty-five languages. Prep was chosen as one of the Ten Best Books of 2005 by The New York Times and optioned by Paramount Pictures, and American Wife was chosen as one of the Ten Best Books of 2008 by Time, People, and Entertainment Weekly; both were nominated for the UK’s Orange Prize.

Her latest novel Sisterland tells the story of twin sisters:

From an early age, Kate and her identical twin sister, Violet, knew that they were unlike everyone else. Kate and Vi were born with peculiar “senses” – innate psychic abilities concerning future events and other people’s secrets. Though Vi embraced her visions, Kate did her best to hide them. (more…)

Ancient Calendar Predicts World Ends in 2012

Mayan Calendar5125 years ago the Mayans predicted that on the 21st December 2012 the apocalypse will come to pass and the word will end!

Over time there have been many predictions that Armageddon would occur; but the 2012 phenomenon is being treated differently largely because of the connection to the Mayans who are famously wise and an advanced civilisation. The Mayans were noted for their extraordinary astronomical observations and mathematical powers; they were at their height between 250 and 900 AD; but in the present day in the Mexican state of Yucatan ad Guatemala the evidence boils to one fact – their 5125 year calendar runs out on 21st December 2012 – with many believing that if they did not take it any further, then they must have had a reason! (more…)

SMARTPAY @ Psychic Sight

SmartPayFree Bonus Psychic Reading Minutes Available Every Time You Top Up!

This new service allows you to SMARTPAY for psychic reading minutes 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The service is quick and easy, no waiting, no need to speak to a receptionist, just SMARTPAY and then connect to the available reader of your choice.

10% Bonus minutes free every time you top up your account with 40 minutes or more! (more…)

Valentine’s Special Offer

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

To celebrate the season of love we are offering each of our loyal customers a…

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Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas

Here at Psychic Sight we would like to wish you all a joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2012!

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We hope 2012 brings you good luck, fortune, love, happiness and success.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Special £5 off Christmas Deal

£5 Off Credit Card ReadingsThe season of good will and fortune…..

With Christmas around the corner and the New Year approaching, aren’t you a little bit curious about what 2012 has in store for you? Will it be the year for love, money, career, success or all round good luck?

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Competition Winner

With the recent competition that we ran for the free psychic reading, we received a great number of entries and interest.

We would like to thank all those who entered this competition and for showing a great interest. Unfortunately, we can only select one winner!

The winner was selected completely at random and we would like to congratulate Deborah Bryson on winning the free psychic reading!
What the entrants had to do…

Become a Psychic Sight Facebook fan and leave a comment Or Follow us on Twitter and leave a comment using the hash tag #freepsychicreading.

Keep an eye out for more Psychic Sight competitions…

Well done again to Deborah!

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