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Ancient Calendar Predicts World Ends in 2012

Mayan Calendar5125 years ago the Mayans predicted that on the 21st December 2012 the apocalypse will come to pass and the word will end!

Over time there have been many predictions that Armageddon would occur; but the 2012 phenomenon is being treated differently largely because of the connection to the Mayans who are famously wise and an advanced civilisation. The Mayans were noted for their extraordinary astronomical observations and mathematical powers; they were at their height between 250 and 900 AD; but in the present day in the Mexican state of Yucatan ad Guatemala the evidence boils to one fact – their 5125 year calendar runs out on 21st December 2012 – with many believing that if they did not take it any further, then they must have had a reason!

It is easy to laugh this theory off; but public concern is very high. NASA for example has taken more than 5000 questions from people including the extremes where people want to know whether they should prepare for the event by killing themselves, their children and pets. Others are buying up survival guides and some 5000 people have already purchased bunkers (at a cost of £32,000 per person) marketed as being nuclear bomb and asteroid proof. Demonstrating that it is not just Americans in a frenzy, 20,000 people have flocked to a tiny hilltop town in the foothills of the Pyrenees called Bugarac that normally only inhabits 200 residents in the belief that this will be a safe place should the worst case scenario happen. They believe that the town’s mystical mountain has a magnetic force where the top layers of rock are older than the lower ones. However Geologists explain this as when the mountain was formed it exploded and the top flew into the air before landing upside down. Others believe that this mountain is in fact a gateway to another dimension.

Archaeologists who have studied the Mayans, scientists and Mayan experts have all stressed that the ancient civilisations legacy has simply been misinterpreted. The fact that Mayans did not specify exactly what would happen when the world ends have allowed believers to let their imaginations run wild. As a result many of the Doomsday 2012 scenarios involve astronomical phenomena. One particular theory is that Niburi (a rogue planet) lurking behind the Sun will collide with Earth next December destroying it. Such a scenario was used by film makers for ‘Melancholia’ starring Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sunderland. The notion that a huge solar flare called a solar max will destroy earth also appeared in 2009 in the blockbuster ‘2012’ the flare caused catastrophic earthquakes and the film also made reference to the Mayan calendar.

Academics and scientist dismiss all of these theories and the fact remains that Mayan scholars have been bickering over what the end of the Long Count Calendar means for years. The Mayan calendar began in 3,114 BC – when Mayans believe current world order commenced. The calendar progresses in 144,000 day cycles (a little more than 394 years) known as baktuns. The 13th baktun runs out on the 2012 Winter Solstice on 21st December. After that date the ‘Great Cycle’ is completed and the calendar sequence simply ends. Academics now say that the end of the 13th baktun is indeed significant – but in a good way. They believe there will simply be a new cycle and that should be cause for celebration and not despair.

Perhaps the most reliable indication of the future is in the heart of Mayan territory in south-east Mexico. Where the locals aren’t in any way running for the hills…In fact after years of bad tourism due to drug cartels they are looking forward to an economic boom with Mexico’s tourist agency hoping to draw 52million visitors to the region (double what it would normally achieve in the whole country). In the town of Tapachula on the Guatemalan border they are thoroughly embracing the countdown and a giant digital clock has been installed in the main park!

Ref: Daily Mail article by Tom Leonard. To read his full article visit:


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