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Chinese Animal Eye Types

Iridology: Tiger EyesAs you know in Chinese astrology, they associate birth years with animals. When it comes to the ancient practise of face reading, they also associate different eye types with animals. In Japan the practise of Physiognomy (The Art of Face Reading) characterises eyes based on their shape, and the shapes are derived from animal’s eyes – they base things on 40 animals in total, but for today we will concentrate on the seven animal types that the Chinese use.

Cow Eyes

Cow eyes are large and rounded, they have a steady and tranquil gaze. With this person – you will know where you stand, they are both honest and direct, on occasion you may need to forgive their bluntness. You might describe a person with cow eyes as being impulsive and charismatic, and yet they are not adventurous per se. They can be both emotional and romantics at heart, you will love their gentle and patient persona. (more…)

Is there a new Zodiac Sign in town!

Ophiuchus 13th zodiac signA while back NASA updated their zodiac calendar with a 13th sign. Of course, over time the Earth’s axis has shifted, and so there is some argument that along with that the dates correlating to the existing 12 zodiac signs have changed also.

History of the Zodiac Signs

It was the Babylonians that created the zodiac out of 12 equal parts over 3000 years ago. Each sign was allocated a period from one day of the month to another. Even today there are some variances on when one star sign begins and another ends. The Earth orbits the sun through a period of a year and as it does so it passes through each element of the zodiac on specific days, hence the day and month that you were born equates to your star sign. (more…)

Chinese New Year 2018: The Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year: Year of the DogChinese New Year commences today on Friday 16th February 2018, bringing in the year of the Dog and saying goodbye to the year of the Rooster.

The Years

Those born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018 were born in Dog years. The next Dog year after 2018 will be 2030. The Dog is the eleventh position within the Chinese zodiac, following the Rooster and falling before the Pig.


China also works with element theory, so each zodiac sign is also associated with one of the five elements: Gold (metal), Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The characteristics of a person are therefore impacted by both their animal sign and element. (more…)

Aquarius & Pisces Zodiac Forecasts by Hope, PIN: 3203

Aquarius & PiscesAquarius

2017 shows that this year career opportunities bring recognition and travel. You have all you need within you to manifest your desires. Increased self-love brings in the love you’re seeking from others while enjoying and cherishing life and building warm relations. Home is where the heart is and the way forward is through following your heart. Your love life will be boosted as the voice of the heart is strong and love will respond to it. You’re an individual, very original, a humanitarian; you’ll put your curious and visionary mind toward the betterment of humanity. Inventive, idealistic and unpredictable but more intellectual than most, you are a forward thinker and because of this more spiritual growth takes place this year. (more…)

Sagittarius & Capricorn Zodiac Forecasts by Hope, PIN: 3203

Sag & Cap ZodiacSagittarius

Sagittarius this year opens a new page in the Book of Destiny; love has fate weaving its magic in your life. Karma and fate will play a major role in much that occurs this year. You’re enthusiastic and extrovert and are often inclined to take the challenge of adventure. You can develop new talents or discover you are gifted this year and may want to turn your hobby into a career, Film, dance, music, art, just go out and grab life with both hands and have some fun with it. Influential friends will assist you and offer support to you in your career and educational pursuits. 2017 predicts a year that can take you on a big inner journey into the wonderful world of the self and you may become more interested in spiritual matters or develop existing gifts through further education and access your inner wisdom more. (more…)

Libra & Scorpio Zodiac Forecasts prepared by Hope, PIN: 3203

Libra & Scorpio Star SignsLibra

Libra expect the unexpected in 2017, being spontaneous makes anything possible! You are ruled by Venus the planet of love and Librans will find that relationships undergo a process of growth and improvement and unexpected people may walk into your life this year, and their influence may affect not only love, but career as well. You can attract the kind of relationship you can ‘bank on’ – a partner who will be a real asset to you emotionally and this could well be the year which delivers them. You will be in a much better position to take advantage of the many opportunities 2017 has to offer. This is the year to increase your assets and that includes savings and investments. This year will give you deep and meaningful insights into yourself, your motivations and especially your relationships with others. Jupiter makes you thirsty for more inner knowledge and to explore who you really are and what you are capable of so have confidence in your decision making. A time to dance, travel, explore the new and untried, you are energetic and full of confidence. Because of your good heart and open mind support will not be in short supply and you will impress whoever you meet. (more…)

Leo & Virgo Zodiac Forecasts by Hope, PIN: 3203

Leo & VirgoLeo

2017 is the time for that serious love and commitment and your task is to create a fabulous role for yourself. Warm, generous and full of life, a natural-born leader, Leo, has an excellent sense of loyalty and dignity. 2017 is going to be fast, so keep up especially in the work place and home life. People feel comfortable in your company, and it’s likely you’re one of the best-liked people around. Stay focused as you set goals for yourself and go after them with plenty of energy and drive. The world will be a better place because of your tremendous warmth. If you are seeking a partner, be it a long term love, business or a collaborative partner then this is the time so set the wheels in motion to find them. (more…)

Gemini & Cancer Zodiac Forecasts by Hope, PIN: 3203

Gemini & Cancer Star Signs


As an air sign Gemini is a social butterfly and will be experiencing more important connections and synchronicity in 2017. Your social scene is very important and your social calendar will be full. Different interests will be arising in your life and you will discover your hidden talents so don’t be afraid to try new things. You will be meeting people that will help you climb higher within your circle of interests and they will make a big impact on your life as you are very impressive and attract good fortune due to your energetic approach to life. (more…)

2017 Zodiac Forecasts by Hope, PIN: 3203

Aries & TaurusAries

Well Aries, its good news for the energetic ram, 2017 is going to be a great year for you; the main areas that shine throughout the year are your partnerships and career. The biggest event of 2017 will be Jupiter’s transit into your house of partnerships and long-term love. If you are single and seeking someone this is your best opportunity for 12 years to find that special person. New levels of commitment in current relationships will bring you more understanding and love. Expect growth and recognition in your career, again the wonderful planet Jupiter is bringing in luck and good fortune and it will give you the drive to set goals and the concentration to achieve them. Venus the planet of love brings unexpected opportunities and blesses your love life but also helps enhance your finances. If you are seeking a business partner this year it is highly likely that Jupiter will deliver someone who fits the bill and you will start to see positive results from all that hard work you’ve done in the past. Fashion and personal appearance will be focused on this year and all the fabulous Aries out there will be looking great and feeling good. The year of the fire rooster began in February and this can only boost your energy and helps you to do your best and be the best. (more…)

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