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Romantic Partners: Zodiac Signs

Romantic Zodiac

What kind of romantic partner do you make, and are you looking for? Have you wondered how much of what you want and need is impacted by the zodiac sign you were born under? We delve into each star sign, to see just what kind of romance you can expect…


Aries make for an interesting contrast; they are by nature very independent. When in a relationship they would encourage their partners to also be independent and to have friends and activities outside of the relationship. But that said – they do want very close contact, and would expect daily communications and to be consulted on plans. They would hate to be thought of as needy, however that may be how they come across to some, as they can be quite demanding and dependant on a romantic loved one.


Taurus can be very possessive in love, wanting to own the person – just as if they were a material possession. Of course, this often won’t go down well with the partner, who may not take such covetous behaviour as complimentary! You will know when the feelings that Taureans have are really running deep, as that is when they won’t want to share you with anyone else. Eventually they will want to show you that they are secure in the relationship and you can navigate a way to each of you having freedoms to be your own person.


Gemini are true to their nature, even in love – they are unpredictable and changeable! On the plus side, Gemini really keep you on your toes, and a relationship with them can be exciting. Often for this star sign, it is a case of them being thrilled by the chase, but things can fizzle later on when the hum-drum of life sets in. This is not an overly affectionate sign, so you may need to rely on other cues to see how the romantic relationship is going. This zodiac sign is fascinating, albeit a bit awkward in love, expect to be taken on a bit of a merry dance.


Cancer signs are affectionate, loving and loyal in a relationship. They thrive when in a steady partnership. As creatures of habit, they can quickly come to rely on their other halves for everything – which won’t suit everyone. Their nature does mean they tend to protect themselves, so they can lash out if they feel things are not going their way. You can then expect them to become withdrawn and even a bit passive-aggressive. On the plus side they will express what they are feeling, so any issues should be able to be talked through.


Leos in love, is no different than Leos in life – they might hate to lose you, but their supreme confidence will tell them you are replaceable! But, don’t let that put you off, as in a romantic relationship Leos can be highly enthusiastic and committed. A big relationship no no for Leo is to back them into a corner. Don’t make them choose between you and their job, or family or anything else important to them – you will likely lose, on principle alone. They can seem a bit cool, and public displays of affection may not be on the cards – but they make up for it when you are alone with intense passion!


Virgos perhaps have a more practical and pragmatic approach to relationships. The devil is in the detail for them, so you can expect them to plan everything from dates, reservations, holidays and more with exacting detail. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for spontaneity or changes, and not every sign will like this level of inflexibility, but it will suit those that struggle with decisions and the time and effort such activities entail. As signs go, they tend to veer away from affection, especially in public, but a complement goes a long way to softening their outwardly cold appearance.


Libras are definitely choosy, so you might be expected to be thankful that they have chosen to spend time with you, and display you in public! As such you will be expected to look the part and to have well thought out plans to entertain them… Whilst that might sound negative, if you can live with the above you will find that Librans are very loving and giving in a romantic relationship. Your efforts will be rewarded. Anyone in a relationship with a Libra should know that problems should be headed off immediately, don’t ignore any issues hoping they will fade away.


Scorpios reputation for a sting in the tail, definitely holds true for relationships. They are possessive by nature with jealous tendencies. They will want to know and feel that you are centred on them exclusively. Once in a relationship, Scorpios are very loyal and protective of their partners. This can occasionally lead them to become territorial, and for some signs this will be unacceptable. But, hang in there because this sign can be incredibly understanding and tender with a partner, especially if they are going through difficulties or illness. They will look after your wellbeing.


Sagittarians delight in life and this spills into their relationships. They like to see the best in others, and Sagittarius often brings out the best in their partners. They are enthusiastic, passionate and intense, which some signs may interpret as too much too soon… When everything is going well, they have great sense of humours, and are relaxed, warm and hospitable. But handling disappointment is not something they do well, they can quite quickly spiral to feelings of hopelessness. That said, they can rally quickly. But, if you are not ‘all in’, better to let them know sooner rather than later!


Capricorns are very sensual people, and so to them a passionate side of the relationship is likely to develop quickly. As far as they are concerned there is plenty of time to get to know someone, but if they are not compatible as physical beings – things are unlikely to work out! Don’t be put off by this, as Capricorns do look to develop serious and meaningful romantic relationship as opposed to casual affairs. Whilst they might not love ‘discussions’ on a day-to-day basis, when it comes to their partnership, if things need to be talked through – they will make the time and effort.


Aquarians demonstrating affection can be a confusing business, often it will have more of a sarcastic undertone and be superficial, rather than a real action that demonstrates deep feelings. So, for some signs this might just feel like game-playing, but it is the Aquarian way, to have an element of irony attached. This sign does like excitement and so can tire of activities and people easily. However, once they have decided on a long-term partner, they can become quite devoted and committed. Aquarians will always have to have time to go off and do their own thing, but once back they will work hard to bring added fun and sparkle – which is enough reward for many.


Pisces just exude happiness when in love, the revel in it – enough for the both of you… If you are someone who struggles to show and communicate your feelings, then a Pisces match may be just the thing. As this star sign is very happy to act as your mentor on all thing’s relationship. A good romantic love match will bring out Pisces affectionate and fun-loving demeanour. They enjoy spending time with partners and family and all that entails. They can sometimes have difficulties in choosing the right long-term partner, as they are a bit too in love with being in love and really enjoy the beginning of a relationship when everything is new and exciting.


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