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Psychometry – An Introduction


In simple terms Psychometry is an ability to sense information about a person – either past or present, about a place or even an event. It is done by holding an object that is closely bonded to the person. It might be a crystal, a piece of jewellery, even a teddy bear – but something that means a lot to them, and where their energy is likely to have soaked into the artefact.

Psychometry is sometimes described as the ‘soul’s eye’ or the ‘etheric eye’, but the word itself actually derives from two Greek words: Psyche – meaning soul and Metron – meaning measure.


Palmistry – Surprising Things You Might Not Know!


Hand Lines

  • You might imagine that the lines on your hands are formed, as a result of how you live, the job you do, how you grew up, how you close and move your hands. But in fact, the lines are formed when you are in the womb!
  • Having said that some experts that read palms, do believe that palms can change over time, especially if you go through a particular period of upheaval in your life. The minor lines, are the most likely to change and in a small frequency of time. The simplest way to tell, is to take an ink-print of your palm now and then again in six months to a year, and see if there are any differences.



Scrying is actually one of the oldest methods used for divining the future. The word Scrying has meaning behind it, derived from ‘descry’ an old English word that meant to reveal, or to make out dimly. Those that offer scrying as part of their clairvoyant skills, use an object that has a reflective or shiny surface, in many cases the crystal ball will be the first choice, but others may use a favourite crystal, or something with personal meaning to them.


It is thought that you can trace Scrying back to China in 3000BC, Egypt in 2500BC and Ancient Greece in 2000BC. In those times crystals may still have been used, but also cracked eggs and oil that was placed into vessels. It was only later that crystal balls and mirrors were used as the form of divination developed.


  • The first step is to clear the mind, some clairvoyants may prefer to enter a trance like state to achieve full concentration.


MagicHalloween seems like the perfect time to discuss magic, as the season conjures up all things sorcery.

Magic is for many a combination of science and art; the science part is in researching witchcraft and following a specific spell and method, and the art comes in the form of your insights, intuition and creative abilities! Both elements are needed in order to alter the natural forces to bring about your will and produce a new outcome.

Black Magic – White Magic

No doubt you will have heard the terms ‘Black Magic’ and ‘White Magic’. Magic that is used with the purpose of causing someone harm or being used to manipulate and circumvent free will is black magic, and white magic is where you wish to bring about a positive outcome.

But of course, things are not that simple, and life is not black and white. For example, if a person wished another to fall in love with them, then the desired outcome is a positive one, but it could not be achieved without influencing the will of the object of desire!

So, for some people the term black magic will be reserved for spells that draw on evil forces. (more…)

Hand Reading – Part 2

PalmistryIf you didn’t see the first part of this post, then  click here  to read about the 1st and 2nd stages of hand reading.

The third step is to look at the lines. There are five main lines that we assess on the palms, each of which tell us about character and the events in a life. The lines can even tell us what stage a person is at in terms of their career, love life, health and more…

There are certain marks on the lines, for example crosses or stars that point to events or turning points in a person’s life. These might denote a need to take extra care, or a break may demonstrate a complete stop of energy. (more…)

Hand Reading – Part 1

Hand ReadingReading palms is likely to have started in the Far East as long ago as 4000 years, it is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures and The Old Testament. It is thought hand reading, also known as Palmistry and palm reading spread in popularity throughout Greece and the Roman Empire and has been practised in one form another ever since.

There is a difference between what your dominant and passive hand can tell you. Generally, your dominant hand (the one you write with), reveals the aspects of your personality and how others perceive you. It can also assess your talent, your health, your life in general and likely future successes you will have. Whereas your passive hand is much more about your potential, your imagination and your instincts. (more…)

Chinese Animal Eye Types

Iridology: Tiger EyesAs you know in Chinese astrology, they associate birth years with animals. When it comes to the ancient practise of face reading, they also associate different eye types with animals. In Japan the practise of Physiognomy (The Art of Face Reading) characterises eyes based on their shape, and the shapes are derived from animal’s eyes – they base things on 40 animals in total, but for today we will concentrate on the seven animal types that the Chinese use.

Cow Eyes

Cow eyes are large and rounded, they have a steady and tranquil gaze. With this person – you will know where you stand, they are both honest and direct, on occasion you may need to forgive their bluntness. You might describe a person with cow eyes as being impulsive and charismatic, and yet they are not adventurous per se. They can be both emotional and romantics at heart, you will love their gentle and patient persona. (more…)

Angel Crafts

Angel CardsSchool holidays are in full swing, so ifyou have children at home and are doing some arts and crafts, why not join in the fun and create your own Angel Card deck.

Making the cards

  • Angel card decks vary in number from 34-48 cards.
  • You will need to cut pieces of card, all to the same size – you can base these on the size of playing cards; or go bigger if your shuffling abilities are not great, or you really want to go to town on the design of the cards!


Readers Anthony and Sandra

Psychic ReadingsDeveloping Your Psychic Ability by Anthony, PIN: 8004

Have the olden days of mystery and power left us forever? Those who walk in the footsteps of this Universe have achieved at least a taste of the power and light that loves us, that knows our innate psychic abilities. How does an apprentice teach themselves to recognise that power and light? We begin by making our breathing deep and slow. If we breathe deep enough we can breathe our way into a deep psychic trance, this in turn leads to visions that are exceedingly powerful.

As we gradually go into an ever-deepening trance the next step is to accept the first thing that comes into your mind. It is a surprising fact that the very first item that we see is usually the correct one. (more…)

Runes – part 2

RunesIf you missed the introduction to Rune, and the first few interpretations of the alphabet – Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz and Ansuz then click here first.

Rune Interpretations

Raido – You need to move on with your life, perhaps you are feeling stuck, this may mean on an emotional or spiritual level, but you may also go on a physical journey.

Kaunaz – To see the right way ahead, you must first shed light on your current life story. Better understanding will come from looking honestly.

Gebo – Love. Generosity. Gifts. Working for a higher purpose.

Wunjo – A happy relationship and the joy that brings. But also, contentment in general – you are happy with your lot! (more…)

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The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 (approx. US$50) for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 (approx. US$2.50) per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.