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Travel Money

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Take expensive items with you. In this day and age with baggage allowances getting smaller, and airlines charging extras for every piece of luggage it can feel easier to travel light and leave many holiday essentials at home. However, once in a resort, you may find that many items are much more expensive abroad, for example sun tan lotion, insect repellent, first-aid medications, baby items etc.


Holiday Planning

Avoid any last-minute hiccups and start researching/sorting now:


Many people will have already booked their summer holiday, but having poured over reviews to select the best accommodation, we often leave the finer details to the last minute. Brexit – whether we leave the EU or end up with a no-deal situation, may add further complications to your holiday planning.


Summer Solstice: Embrace the Season

The summer solstice is upon us, arriving on Friday 21st June. Why not use this date as a jumping off point to embrace all that the summer months have to offer?

Summer Solstice


If you are guilty of a bit too much social media and screen time generally, then now may be the perfect time to switch off devices and notifications and really connect with your family, loved ones and friends on a face-to-face basis. You might be really surprised by how much more you feel ‘connected’ for stepping into the real world once more, and not spending so much time virtually.


There is something very spiritual about witnessing a sunrise and sunset. Try to find time to experience both, and feel reenergised by the magic.


Flavour Infusions

Cooking InfusionsNot everyone is blessed with being a good cook, and many of us are time poor and looking for fast ways to feed the family. If one of your New Year resolutions was to lose weight, to eat healthier, or cook more from scratch, then it can be nice to have a few handy tricks up your sleeve in the kitchen that are quick and easy, but pack a punch of flavour.

Why not give these three flavour infusions a go?


Angel Crafts

Angel CardsSchool holidays are in full swing, so ifyou have children at home and are doing some arts and crafts, why not join in the fun and create your own Angel Card deck.

Making the cards

  • Angel card decks vary in number from 34-48 cards.
  • You will need to cut pieces of card, all to the same size – you can base these on the size of playing cards; or go bigger if your shuffling abilities are not great, or you really want to go to town on the design of the cards!


Superstitions: Engagement & Marriage

MarriageNo doubt some of you will have had wedding invites drop through the post for this summer’s nuptial season…

But just what superstitions are there surrounding getting engaged and getting married?

  • In time gone by, where a couple met would have had an impact on the success of their union. For example, hillsides were considered to be very lucky, if that hillside was near moving water then that would make the situation even better.
  • Meeting in the heart of woods would mean a relationship would be constant forever, but conversely if Poplar trees were nearby then bad luck would be bestowed on the lovers.


Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven movie posterThe film ‘Miracles from Heaven’ is based on a true story – Christy Beam (played by our cover star Jennifer Garner) discovers her daughter Annabel who is only ten years old has an incurable incredibly rare digestive disease. Suddenly her childhood, amongst her two sisters that should have been happy and carefree was filled with hospitals and doctors.

The Beam family are ferocious firstly in getting a diagnosis – going from lactose intolerance, to IBS, to there is nothing wrong…and then as advocates for finding a healing solution. With no expense spared to find a cure only to be told by all medical experts there is nothing they can do.

Then one day – a rare occurrence by that time, Annabel was well enough to play outside. With her sister she climbed a hollowed tree, then a freak accident happens – the branch snaps and Annabel plummets the equivalent of three stories.

But that is when a ‘miracle’ occurs, she is unconscious, but survives the fall and she was inexplicably cured. Her rescue and cure leaves the medics who had treated her mystified, but restores the family’s faith and leaves a community inspired…

The film is an adaptation of the book written by Christy – Annabel’s mother; it is a heart-warming and uplifting description of what led to that fateful day and the experiences of Annabel following the fall and her miraculous recovery.

Jennifer Garner has been having a difficult time of late following the decision to get divorced from Ben Affleck; they announced their plan just one day after their 10th wedding anniversary. Since then the whole family has been subjected to press interest, firstly in regards to Ben’s alleged infidelities and secondly as they continue to spend a lot of time together making things as normal as possible for their children.

But perhaps the filming of this latest movie proved timely for Jennifer in terms of providing some healing of her own. She was raised alongside her sisters to go to church every Sunday and they had introduced their children to their faith and had them baptised at the family’s local church. But the film offered a re-engagement with faith, making it a routine once more. She told NBC journalist Savannah Guthrie “The thing about this film was it kind of encouraged me to re-engage in just participating – not just believing – actually participating in raising my children so that they have the same background my parents gave my sisters and me.”

At the American premier in Los Angeles Jennifer discussed religion with the reporters “It has always been quietly a part of me, I’m still getting used to the idea of talking about it.”

If you want to see the film, then the UK cinema release date is set for 10th June 2016.

Film Poster Image courtesy of Affirm Films – TriStar Pictures

John’s thoughts on Christmas, PIN: 5152

Christmas World Globe BaublesPsychic Reader John tells us all about Christmas around the globe.

Christmas is all about celebrating, having a lovely time, and especially for the children the excitement of presents. Wherever we are in the world there will be enjoyment, and in different parts of the globe people do things differently for example: in Spain most families eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the service. The traditional Spanish Christmas dinner is ‘Pavo Trufado de Navidad’ which is turkey stuffed with truffles (the mushrooms, not the chocolate ones)! In Galicia (a region in north-west Spain, surrounded by water), the most popular meal for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day is seafood. This can be all kinds of different seafood, from shellfish and molluscs, to lobster and small edible crabs. Yet in Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of the summer holidays! Children have their summer holidays from mid-December to early February, so some people might even be camping at Christmas…

Statistics show that the average British family will have at least five arguments on Christmas Day! At a time when the sentiment should be to spend time with loved ones, relax and have fun. So, “make your expectations realistic and appreciate the time spent with your family.”

Of course we must not forget the people who don’t want to celebrate, either because they are on their own, have lost a loved one, or for any other reason…So try and remember them and include them in your holiday plans in a way that will make them feel loved and supported.

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

81ZultmqXDL__SL1500_If you are looking for a great read, then try Jojo’s Moyes new book – The One Plus One.

Jojo was a journalist for 10 years, 9 of those were spent at the Independent, but since 2002 she has been writing novels. Her first book was Sheltering Rain and she has gone on to write eleven more…She has won the Romantic Novelist’s Award twice and the book before her latest ‘Me Before You’ has sold over 3 million copies and has been nominated for Book of the Year at the UK Galaxy Book Awards.

People are so engaged with her stories because as opposed to just being your run of the mill chick-lit, Jojo writes about ordinary people struggling with ordinary things, and her audience therefore relate to the characters.

The World Book Night Book Club wrote the following about ‘The One Plus One’: I want you to read this book, indeed to read all of Jojo Moyes’ books, because they tell truths about modern life. If you’re a sentient, empathic, living, breathing human I would urge you to give it a go.

So what is the book about?

One single mum
With two jobs and two children, Jess Thomas does her best day after day. But it’s hard on your own. And sometimes you take risks you shouldn’t. Because you have to…

One chaotic family
Jess’s gifted, quirky daughter Tanzie is brilliant with numbers, but without a helping hand she’ll never get the chance to shine. And Nicky, Jess’s teenage stepson, can’t fight the bullies alone. Sometimes Jess feels like they’re sinking…

One handsome stranger
Into their lives comes Ed Nicholls, a man whose life is in chaos, and who is running from a deeply uncertain future. But he has time on his hands. He knows what it’s like to be lonely. And he wants to help…

One unexpected love story
The One Plus One is a captivating and unconventional romance about two lost souls meeting in the most unlikely circumstances.

Is there such a thing as an Amicable Divorce?

shutterstock_75733573Gwyneth Paltrow, can have a marmite affect in regards to how people feel about her, ‘love her’ or ‘hate her’! This was never more true than when she wrote on her Goop site that her husband Chris Martin – lead singer in Coldplay and she were ‘Consciously Uncoupling.’

The world press mocked their choice of expression for stating that they were consciously uncoupling as opposed to just separating or divorcing, but you have to ask yourself with children involved, is it such a bad idea to try and take a more spiritual approach to divorcing, to keep things amicable and even stay friends?

Many of us are no longer surprised when the latest Hollywood star couple announce that their ‘happy ever after’ has come to an end, but Chris and Gwyneth are hardly leaders of the pack when it comes to amicable separations:

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, made a point of embracing a friendship following their split and this was extended to new partners as they came along, their blended families even holidayed together.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette separated in 2010; at first David was very vocal on the topic, whilst Courteney maintained a very dignified silence. But their joint goal was to remain friends so they could provide stability for their daughter Coco and could co-parent effectively. They were married for over 10 years and they were both satisfied that they had tried hard, but they were just different people wanting different things. They separated in 2010 and even then did not rush things, not divorcing until May 13. Courteney recently said “When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it’s not with you.”

Marriage statistics from the ONS bear out the point that often people just grow apart, and that it is not necessarily one big thing that splits people up. In fact only one in seven divorces is sited as being because of adultery. But sadly 42% of marriages will end in divorce, in 2012 in England and Wales that translated to 13 divorces being granted an hour…Compared to 20 years ago, divorce rates are actually falling, splits are most likely to happen between the 4th and 8th year of marriage. 48% of people divorcing will have at least one child at home under the age of 16 so you can see how important it is to remain civil. Although the general trend of divorcing is falling, there is one area that is bucking the trend – the over 60’s. There is a 73% increase since 1991 of men over the age of 60 getting divorced, and the stats are similar for women.

Times have changed, and there are many reasons now thought to contribute to a high rate of divorce in the 60+ age group. People now live longer, once they have raised their children there is still lots of time left to enjoy retirement and they don’t want to do it with someone they no longer love or have anything in common with. Women now work more and so are more likely to have the resources to start again. The stigma surrounding divorce is no longer so strong and with the rise of internet dating, people believe they may meet someone new.

Another couple that have split quite recently and have treated the experience as a positive opportunity to change, grow and learn new roles within a partnerships is Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. They were together for six years, and have both spoken lovingly about each other post-split. Miranda said “Well, we are very good. We speak every day. We’re really close, we’re going to be a family for ever and we do really love one another.”

Despite these celebrities seemingly having everything – luxury lifestyles, dream job, money etc, they are only human and sometimes the complications of their careers – too much time apart contributes to the breakdown of a relationship.

Despite these celebrities uncoupling in a conscious manner, there are times when divorce is just too painful and difficult for us to be oh so rational. So if you are separating from a partner or going through a divorce then get in touch with us today. At Psychic Sight we have many empathetic readers, some of whom will have gone through divorces of their own that can guide you during this difficult time. There is no reason why you cannot go on to have a happy and fulfilled future.

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