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Zodiac Partners and their Approach to Finances!


Has it ever occurred to you that the zodiac sign a person was born under can also influence the choices they make; and the philosophies; they have around money?

Do you often find that you and your partner do not see eye to eye on finances? Of course, our thoughts around money are influenced by many things, from the way we were raised to the jobs we have; and what we value in life. But read on, and see if you recognise any traits in the below Zodiac Signs…


As you have no doubt realised, Aries like to spend – even overspend! Which, of course, has a knock-on effect on you and your family. If it is available, they will spend it, whether that is on a credit card, overdraft, or even getting into more serious debt. Aries partners will often feel like they have to step in and rescue things – but this of course sets up a pattern for Aries not needing to worry about the outcome. So far in life, they always seem to muddle through; from their perspective, the less they worry about such matters, the more lady luck shines down on them!


Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

If you feel in need of support throughout the festive season, then Archangel Chamuel is a great angel to turn to. Connected to the heart chakra, Chamuel focuses on helping you to develop and nurture loving relationships.

Sometimes having healthy relationships with others, first starts at home, with us learning to accept and love ourselves. Only when we do that, can we feel ready to receive love from others as well as give it wholeheartedly and unreservedly.


Qixi: Chinese Valentine’s Day


Qixi is otherwise known as The Double Seventh Festival, based around a romantic legend story. So named, for falling on the 7th day of the 7th month (Chinese Lunar), in 2020 that falls on Tuesday 25th August.

Could your love-life do with an injection of romance? Then 6 months after our own Valentine’s Day, why not embrace the Chinese equivalent called Qixi?


Dating: Is it time to start?


Today, we are discussing dating: Did you find yourself going through the UK lock-down (as a result of the Covid19 crisis) alone? Maybe you are separated or divorced, or just happily single… Whatever the reason for not being in a relationship, many folks have found themselves evaluating their lives during this period. Some have thrived, and not found the solitary living an issue, but others may have decided that in the future it might just be time to dip their toes in the dating pool once more!


Leap Year Proposal

Leap Year

Did you realise that 2020 is a Leap Year? Bringing with it a 29th day in February. It’s not just there to catch us out, and make you think “Am I actually going to get paid for going to work that day?”. It’s there to synchronise our calendar year with the astronomical period.


The ancient Egyptians realised that the solar year and the calendar year did not match up. It actually takes the earth 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to travel round the sun. Over a period of centuries an extra day was added to the calendar, to make up the difference. The Gregorian calendar set in motion only having an extra day every 4th year. It was the Romans who designated the 29th February as ‘Leap Day’.


Has Your Relationship Run Its Course?


Sometimes a relationship has an obvious end, but in other cases one or both of you may be feeling that things are not right, but haven’t been brave enough to walk away. There may be many reasons keeping you together, from children, to finances, a family house and more. But whilst these all need consideration; they are probably not the answer if the love has gone.

If you are really struggling to know what to do, then here are some things to think about:

Are you both unhappy?

Has your partner expressed to you that they are feeling unhappy, or is this something that you are feeling and they are blissfully unaware? Or perhaps you are arguing a lot, are spending less and less time together, are pulling in different directions etc?


Book Club

Book Club MovieThe Book Club film is released in the UK on the 1st June by Paramount Pictures and has an all-star cast featuring Jane Fonda (our cover star this month), Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen.

As you might imagine from the film title ‘Book Club’ the four stars play friends that meet regularly for a book club, where they bond over literature. That is until one day when Vivian played by Fonda suggests they mix things up a bit by reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’!

Whatever you might think about the premise of the Fifty Shade trilogy, in terms of the writing quality or the films. There is no doubt that few things have created quite such a phenomenon in popularity for adults in modern times. So, I suppose it is natural a film has been created about the phenomena itself. (more…)

Valentine’s on a Budget

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is here again, and there is nothing better than the feeling of love. However, Valentine’s Day does bring with it the issue of money and gift buying. Just how much should you spend? If money is tight, does that mean you love them any less?

In 2017, the UK spent a whopping £713 million on Valentine’s Day. It was found that there was a peak in spending on the weekend prior to the 14th February. As a result, ‘Red Saturday’ was coined. A massive £69 million was spent on flowers and a further £42 million on chocolates. Research found that £77m went towards buying a loved one jewellery, while one in every £8 spent went on a romantic getaway.

But if you are not flush with cash, then there are many ways to say ‘I Love You’ without the need for a string quartet or breaking the bank… (more…)

Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty Movie PosterUnusually for a big film with a star-studded cast there hasn’t been a huge amount of information released about the movie – Collateral Beauty, which is out in the UK on the 26th December, but from what I have read I think it is set to be a poignant tear-jerker.

Will Smith plays a once-successful businessman, having suffered a terribly personal tragedy; he falls into a deep depression. His friends played by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Peña  rally around him, but even with their support and a passing of time he is unable to move forward. At this point with no clue as to what to do, he begins to write things down. He writes letters, but they are not too anybody, but are written in the abstract to things like ‘time’, ‘love’ and ‘death’.

The surprising twist in the film without giving too much away is that they write back! Helen Mirren plays death, Jacob Latimore is time and Keira Knightley stands for love… (more…)

Valentine’s Tarot Reading

Tarot Card ReaderValentine’s Day has different meanings to different people, but there is no doubt it is a day that is aimed at those that are in love and in relationships. So if you are single, recently divorced or you’re in a relationship but it is not in a great place, then the day can be one to endure and get through rather than celebrate.

Like many other celebrations in the world, Valentine’s Day has become a bit of a commercial affair. As I write this article in early January, whilst Christmas stock is still being sold off – Valentines cards, chocolates and cuddly toys have made it on to the shelves. But this is a day with historical meaning that has in fact been celebrated since the 4th century BC.

Ways to embrace Valentine’s

One way to embrace Valentine’s Day this year is to have a Tarot reading; they are a great way of understanding your current situation and what future events might unfold. It might be that you want to know whether you will meet someone new who could be a potential long-term partner. Perhaps you are already in a relationship, but have some doubts about whether they are the one and you can go the distance? Maybe you are in a new relationship and it is too early to tell how you feel, and you just want some clarity on your choices? Or it could be that you have recently become separated or divorced and you are not sure whether you are ready to embark on a new relationship just yet…

Whatever your questions, there is a Tarot spread that could answer your queries. A simple one card reading, may just tell you the potential of your love connection! Or simply tell you the likely direction of your relationship or love life.

A more in-depth spread could be used to give you perspective on issues you are having in the relationship, reassurance that you and your other half are on the same page, or maybe give you some solutions to challenges ahead.

We have very gifted psychic readers that specialise in Tarot card readings, particularly involving relationship issues. For example Aelissa (PIN: 4444) who finds Tarot the most versatile of psychic tools. She feels that the causes of problems can be seen and likely outcomes of any situation can be made accessible to the client. Michaela (PIN: 3232) has read the cards for years and finds very specific meaning in the Tarot, especially in relationships issues – it’s as if the images and words just come to her as she deals and reads the cards…

If you need support or reassurance, are struggling to deal with a break up, or just want to gain a better perspective on where your partner is coming from, then a Love Tarot reading may just be for you.

Even if you are not in a very romantic place come Valentine’s Day you can still use the date to remind yourself of all of the love you have in your life from your family and friends. Take the day to reflect on your past relationships – both romantic and otherwise and ready yourself to be open to something new, exciting and loving in 2016.

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