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Book Club

Book Club MovieThe Book Club film is released in the UK on the 1st June by Paramount Pictures and has an all-star cast featuring Jane Fonda (our cover star this month), Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen.

As you might imagine from the film title ‘Book Club’ the four stars play friends that meet regularly for a book club, where they bond over literature. That is until one day when Vivian played by Fonda suggests they mix things up a bit by reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’!

Whatever you might think about the premise of the Fifty Shade trilogy, in terms of the writing quality or the films. There is no doubt that few things have created quite such a phenomenon in popularity for adults in modern times. So, I suppose it is natural a film has been created about the phenomena itself. (more…)

Valentine’s on a Budget

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is here again, and there is nothing better than the feeling of love. However, Valentine’s Day does bring with it the issue of money and gift buying. Just how much should you spend? If money is tight, does that mean you love them any less?

In 2017, the UK spent a whopping £713 million on Valentine’s Day. It was found that there was a peak in spending on the weekend prior to the 14th February. As a result, ‘Red Saturday’ was coined. A massive £69 million was spent on flowers and a further £42 million on chocolates. Research found that £77m went towards buying a loved one jewellery, while one in every £8 spent went on a romantic getaway.

But if you are not flush with cash, then there are many ways to say ‘I Love You’ without the need for a string quartet or breaking the bank… (more…)

Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty Movie PosterUnusually for a big film with a star-studded cast there hasn’t been a huge amount of information released about the movie – Collateral Beauty, which is out in the UK on the 26th December, but from what I have read I think it is set to be a poignant tear-jerker.

Will Smith plays a once-successful businessman, having suffered a terribly personal tragedy; he falls into a deep depression. His friends played by Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Peña  rally around him, but even with their support and a passing of time he is unable to move forward. At this point with no clue as to what to do, he begins to write things down. He writes letters, but they are not too anybody, but are written in the abstract to things like ‘time’, ‘love’ and ‘death’.

The surprising twist in the film without giving too much away is that they write back! Helen Mirren plays death, Jacob Latimore is time and Keira Knightley stands for love… (more…)

Valentine’s Tarot Reading

Tarot Card ReaderValentine’s Day has different meanings to different people, but there is no doubt it is a day that is aimed at those that are in love and in relationships. So if you are single, recently divorced or you’re in a relationship but it is not in a great place, then the day can be one to endure and get through rather than celebrate.

Like many other celebrations in the world, Valentine’s Day has become a bit of a commercial affair. As I write this article in early January, whilst Christmas stock is still being sold off – Valentines cards, chocolates and cuddly toys have made it on to the shelves. But this is a day with historical meaning that has in fact been celebrated since the 4th century BC.

Ways to embrace Valentine’s

One way to embrace Valentine’s Day this year is to have a Tarot reading; they are a great way of understanding your current situation and what future events might unfold. It might be that you want to know whether you will meet someone new who could be a potential long-term partner. Perhaps you are already in a relationship, but have some doubts about whether they are the one and you can go the distance? Maybe you are in a new relationship and it is too early to tell how you feel, and you just want some clarity on your choices? Or it could be that you have recently become separated or divorced and you are not sure whether you are ready to embark on a new relationship just yet…

Whatever your questions, there is a Tarot spread that could answer your queries. A simple one card reading, may just tell you the potential of your love connection! Or simply tell you the likely direction of your relationship or love life.

A more in-depth spread could be used to give you perspective on issues you are having in the relationship, reassurance that you and your other half are on the same page, or maybe give you some solutions to challenges ahead.

We have very gifted psychic readers that specialise in Tarot card readings, particularly involving relationship issues. For example Aelissa (PIN: 4444) who finds Tarot the most versatile of psychic tools. She feels that the causes of problems can be seen and likely outcomes of any situation can be made accessible to the client. Michaela (PIN: 3232) has read the cards for years and finds very specific meaning in the Tarot, especially in relationships issues – it’s as if the images and words just come to her as she deals and reads the cards…

If you need support or reassurance, are struggling to deal with a break up, or just want to gain a better perspective on where your partner is coming from, then a Love Tarot reading may just be for you.

Even if you are not in a very romantic place come Valentine’s Day you can still use the date to remind yourself of all of the love you have in your life from your family and friends. Take the day to reflect on your past relationships – both romantic and otherwise and ready yourself to be open to something new, exciting and loving in 2016.

Happy Couples

Love LogoEveryone knows a happy couple; there the couple that make being in a relationship look easy. From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem to be an effort for them – they genuinely revel in each other’s company, they champion each other and they are their own support network. But don’t let looks deceive you, the chances are it didn’t come easy – they just put the work in!

So just what makes a happy couple…

• It might sound obvious, but happy couples share values. As the saying goes ‘opposites attract’ and that can make for a happy union if your personalities complement each other and you share common interests and have similar values. Having loads of differences about marriage, work, money, children etc. will rarely work in the long-term. You want to know that you are striving for the same end goals and that you are at similar life stages if not ages.

• Communication – it’s like a ‘dirty’ word, let’s be honest – some of us are better at communicating than others. We are all guilty of blaming our partner for ‘not talking’ when sometimes we are sending mixed messages, “I’m fine”, rarely means we are actually fine! But in reality if you don’t communicate well during good times, things are only going to get tougher when life throws you a curve…Happy couples keep talking and don’t let things get to a point of anger and resentment.

• Happy couples don’t take each other for granted. It is so easy to talk about, but not so easy to carry out. Once the excitement of new relationships has calmed and the humdrum of life has taken over, it is all too easy to take your relationship for granted. It’s important to take time for each other, don’t assume just because you have been together for a long time that you know everything about them. People grow over time and their hopes, dreams and desires move with them. Keep checking that you are moving together in new directions not apart.

• Couples that live in harmony are well aware of each other’s faults – but love each other in spite of them. It is nice when one of them stretches outside of their comfort zone, but on a day to day basis they will be accepting of each other’s differences. Above all they will not try to change their partner’s ways.

• Lastly, do not underestimate affection. Happy couples tend to be tactile – they make good eye contact, they kiss, they hug, they hold hands…All of this brings closeness, and a general life happiness that is hard to achieve in any other way.

This Is Where I Leave You

8151T3gZFOLThis Is Where I Leave You is a film out in UK cinemas on 24th October 2014; it is an adaptation of a book of the same name by international best-selling author Jonathan Tropper.

Jonathan has written six novels: Plan B, The Book of Joe, Everything Changes, How to Talk to a Widower, This Is Where I Leave You and One Last Thing Before I Go. This Is Where I Leave You has been developed by Warner Bros. Studios and One Last Thing Before I Go will follow as a movie, it is currently being adapted for Paramount.

Jonathan’s books deal with very serious tragic life issues, but the humour is found in the situations, making them both funny and highly accessible to all. Jonathan say’s “that’s how life really is. No matter what you’re going through, there’s comedy to be found. And if you ignore the comedy, then life is just one long funeral. I’m the guy who laughs at a funeral and cries at American Express commercials. You have to be open to the full spectrum of emotional responses. So I try to write books that convey that range. I want you to be moved, maybe to tears, but also to laugh your ass off.”

Jonathan writes character driven novels, the people are three dimensional – flawed, interesting and occasionally over the top. This is probably why Hollywood has been so attracted to his books to turn in to movies, and also why the studios have not had any trouble in recruiting top actors. This is certainly the case with ‘This Is Where I Leave You’, that has Jason Bateman (cover star), Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Connie Britton and Dax Shepard to name a few…

The book/movie is about a family coming together to grieve the passing of their Father. The patriarchs dying request is that all of his family – wife and children should meet at the family house for a week following the funeral. This marks the first occasion where the whole family has been together in quite some time and the week quickly spins out of control.

Firstly Judd’s wife is noticeably absent, owing to her fourteen month affair with Judd’s boss! Judd spends the week attempting to assess how he got to where he his, a week before he had a wife, a house and a job all that he loved and now – nothing!

Judd tries hard to not get sucked in to the family madness, but secrets are revealed, old grudges resurface and passions are awakened which make it impossible. The result is an emotional rollercoaster that takes a look at marriage, divorce, love, family. It is riotously funny in parts whilst it explores the ties that bind us (whether we like them or not).

Publishers Weekly said about the book:

Tropper returns with a snappy and heartfelt family drama/belated coming-of-age story. Judd’s wife, Jen, has left him for his boss, a Howard Stern-like radio personality, but it is the death of his father and the week of sitting shivah with his enjoyably dysfunctional family that motivates him.

Jen’s announcement of her pregnancy – doubly tragic because of a previous miscarriage – is followed by the dramas of Judd’s siblings: his sister, Wendy, is stuck in an emotionless marriage; brother Paul – always Judd’s defender – and his wife struggle with infertility; and the charming youngest, Phillip, attempts a grown-up relationship that only highlights his rakishness.

Presided over by their mother, a celebrated parenting expert despite her children’s difficulties, the mourning period brings each of the family members to unexpected epiphanies about their own lives and each other. The family’s interactions are sharp, raw and often laugh-out-loud funny, and Judd’s narration is unflinching, occasionally lewd and very keen.

Tropper strikes an excellent balance between the family history and its present-day fallout, proving his ability to create touchingly human characters and a deliciously page-turning story.

Shawn Levy directed the film and said that they did not go looking for, or push for the big laughs; they played the emotions in an authentic way and trusted that the comedy would play through. Above all the reality of the feelings needed to come across.

The main characters shared the same sentiment. Tina Fey who plays Wendy said “When you see it, and like the book, there are moments that are very funny and moments that, as in the book, will move you to tears…real life is never just serious. People cope through humour, so it’s a really good example, in Jonathan’s writing, of an integration of real life.”

Bateman (who plays Judd) said such a character is right in his wheelhouse. If I do anything funny, it usually lives pretty close to drama anyway, I’m not a particularly skilled guy at big broad humour, as I prefer to play in the middle of the two genres. I enjoy playing characters that can do that, they can just back and forth between something humorous and something heartbreaking.”

Relationship Readings by Martyn (PIN:3322)

Martyn croppedOver the last 10 years I have worked very hard with the spirit world to develop new ways for people to understand themselves more and of course those around them – friends, family etc.

As part of my work and 36 years clairvoyant experience I have found that often we can change our fate when dealing with relationships, especially how we handle important issues/questions, such as:

1. When to distance yourself.

2. When to come forward.

3. How to make your relationship exciting.

4. How to bring back the old sparkle.

5. How to attract a new lover or relationship.

6. How do I and how can I get more commitment?

7. Why am I being treated this way?

I use my psychic skills to analyse a person, down to soul level; I then recommend ways in which a person can handle that individual or situation to maximum advantage.

It’s like fine tuning your car, it works better when its put on a diagnostic computer, it tells you what’s wrong, so by using the ‘Martyn diagnostic psychic tool’ you will be able to fine tune your relationship, giving you the best chance to make it work and to further improve an already great relationship.

Also I can give you the power rating of your friendships or relationship on a 1-100 % scale, I use this for compatibility, love, physical bond and attraction, or for whatever your question might be.

For example – Do they love you 20% or 80%? I will tell you ways to improve that percentage. It does not stop there, I can tell you what sort of relationship that you have, i.e. soul-connection, twin flame and more…

Throughout the reading I will download from the spirit world advice, guidance and of course compassion, empathy and the eternal white love light. So when you ask difficult questions I will endeavour to give the answers and where possible a psychic remedy. Feel free to ask any questions at any time in a reading, I put any question out and the answer rebounds back.

I can also look at your Aura to see what drives and affects you as a person, what makes you tick, what makes others tick. Issues such as sensitivity, your life’s direction and pathway together with an insight into previous lives will be given in longer in-depth readings.

I link into people like your computer links to the internet, I am the router. I want to give you the most modern techniques available as part of the readings to give you real exciting clairvoyant answers in our modern difficult world.

Love and light to all,


Is there such a thing as an Amicable Divorce?

shutterstock_75733573Gwyneth Paltrow, can have a marmite affect in regards to how people feel about her, ‘love her’ or ‘hate her’! This was never more true than when she wrote on her Goop site that her husband Chris Martin – lead singer in Coldplay and she were ‘Consciously Uncoupling.’

The world press mocked their choice of expression for stating that they were consciously uncoupling as opposed to just separating or divorcing, but you have to ask yourself with children involved, is it such a bad idea to try and take a more spiritual approach to divorcing, to keep things amicable and even stay friends?

Many of us are no longer surprised when the latest Hollywood star couple announce that their ‘happy ever after’ has come to an end, but Chris and Gwyneth are hardly leaders of the pack when it comes to amicable separations:

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, made a point of embracing a friendship following their split and this was extended to new partners as they came along, their blended families even holidayed together.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette separated in 2010; at first David was very vocal on the topic, whilst Courteney maintained a very dignified silence. But their joint goal was to remain friends so they could provide stability for their daughter Coco and could co-parent effectively. They were married for over 10 years and they were both satisfied that they had tried hard, but they were just different people wanting different things. They separated in 2010 and even then did not rush things, not divorcing until May 13. Courteney recently said “When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it’s not with you.”

Marriage statistics from the ONS bear out the point that often people just grow apart, and that it is not necessarily one big thing that splits people up. In fact only one in seven divorces is sited as being because of adultery. But sadly 42% of marriages will end in divorce, in 2012 in England and Wales that translated to 13 divorces being granted an hour…Compared to 20 years ago, divorce rates are actually falling, splits are most likely to happen between the 4th and 8th year of marriage. 48% of people divorcing will have at least one child at home under the age of 16 so you can see how important it is to remain civil. Although the general trend of divorcing is falling, there is one area that is bucking the trend – the over 60’s. There is a 73% increase since 1991 of men over the age of 60 getting divorced, and the stats are similar for women.

Times have changed, and there are many reasons now thought to contribute to a high rate of divorce in the 60+ age group. People now live longer, once they have raised their children there is still lots of time left to enjoy retirement and they don’t want to do it with someone they no longer love or have anything in common with. Women now work more and so are more likely to have the resources to start again. The stigma surrounding divorce is no longer so strong and with the rise of internet dating, people believe they may meet someone new.

Another couple that have split quite recently and have treated the experience as a positive opportunity to change, grow and learn new roles within a partnerships is Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. They were together for six years, and have both spoken lovingly about each other post-split. Miranda said “Well, we are very good. We speak every day. We’re really close, we’re going to be a family for ever and we do really love one another.”

Despite these celebrities seemingly having everything – luxury lifestyles, dream job, money etc, they are only human and sometimes the complications of their careers – too much time apart contributes to the breakdown of a relationship.

Despite these celebrities uncoupling in a conscious manner, there are times when divorce is just too painful and difficult for us to be oh so rational. So if you are separating from a partner or going through a divorce then get in touch with us today. At Psychic Sight we have many empathetic readers, some of whom will have gone through divorces of their own that can guide you during this difficult time. There is no reason why you cannot go on to have a happy and fulfilled future.

Relationship Alchemy

shutterstock_26495758I have been reading a fascinating text called The Book of Alchemy by Francis Melville, I thought I would share some interesting extracts about The Great Work on the topic of Separation.

“The Great Work or Opus Magnum, is the term used by alchemists to describe the conscious effort to achieve the highest state of purity. The term is applied to both the Outer Work, the perfection of the Philosopher’s Stone, and to the Inner Work, the achievement of divine consciousness. In order to proceed along this path, the initiate must understand, intellectually at first, the nature of cosmic reality”.

Hermes: Thrice Greatest, Hermes or Hermes Trismegistus is considered to have been an early link to divine illuminated adepts such as Moses, Enoch, Plato and Pythagoras. He was a legendary genius of alchemy.

Legend says that Hermes carried a plain wand, one day he came across two snakes that were fighting. He used his wand to separate the snakes, surprisingly following his actions the snakes acted harmoniously and coiled themselves around the wand – forming a caduceus.

The lesson in this legend is that we can identify with the Hermes within ourselves and become reconciled:

Imagine “A man and a woman are in conflict. The man defends himself with sword and shield, while the woman has an eagle on her arm, ready to fly at the man. Hermes separates the polarized couple, armed with a caduceus in each hand, reminding them that they are both responsible for reconciling the polarities within themselves”.

When our souls and spirits are not in harmony a separation occurs. Rather than using the man’s sword or the woman’s eagle as weapons against each other, we must instead see that both symbols represent the element of air which corresponds to breathing, intellect and cognitive imagination. We must harness these elements and use them to resolve our conflicts, so that we can come back together intertwined as a caduceus.

Psychic Sight’s specialist love and relationship readers include Bryony, Marcus, Anthony and Lucy amongst many others, take a look at our professional psychics website page for detailed descriptions to help you choose:

Harnessing the Law of Attraction, by Robbie (PIN: 3443)

Harnessing the Law of AttractionThoughts are things and they are very potent. Your thoughts are what have created your life circumstances and when you learn to harness that power and deliberately create your life, you will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.
The first thing you must do to take control is to realise where you are and why you are there. Your filter system of thought was largely created in the first three cycles of your life (a cycle is seven years). (more…)

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