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Zodiac Partners and their Approach to Finances!


Has it ever occurred to you that the zodiac sign a person was born under can also influence the choices they make; and the philosophies; they have around money?

Do you often find that you and your partner do not see eye to eye on finances? Of course, our thoughts around money are influenced by many things, from the way we were raised to the jobs we have; and what we value in life. But read on, and see if you recognise any traits in the below Zodiac Signs…


As you have no doubt realised, Aries like to spend – even overspend! Which, of course, has a knock-on effect on you and your family. If it is available, they will spend it, whether that is on a credit card, overdraft, or even getting into more serious debt. Aries partners will often feel like they have to step in and rescue things – but this of course sets up a pattern for Aries not needing to worry about the outcome. So far in life, they always seem to muddle through; from their perspective, the less they worry about such matters, the more lady luck shines down on them!


Taureans are not always described as exciting! However, when it comes to spending – they have lavish tastes. Despite liking luxury, they are also driven by a need to get a good deal or to find a bargain. Arguments about money between partners are common – with a partner wanting to prioritise practical things that are needed and having the desire to save for a rainy day. So, one of the best ways to manage things, if money allows, is for Taurus to have a set budget that they can use for whatever they want without question.


Many things will catch a Gemini eye, from technology to entertainment, to items like holidays and cars. They need to be kept on a strict budget; so, they understand the bigger picture and what can happen if they give in to impulses. They will find household budgets one of the dullest topics, struggling to grasp why food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and DIY items are so essential and why they cost so much. One trick is to get them involved, especially with things like home maintenance – where they can see the value of items purchased, and they will love your appreciation of their hard work and time!


Cancer can have a bit of a do as I say, not do as I do attitude – when it comes to finances. In other words, they do not respond well to criticism or questioning; in terms of how; they are spending their money – but will want to chime in on how you are spending yours! Perhaps the best approach is for one account, that you both put all necessary spending into and an account each – with a surplus that you are free to spend how you wish. Cancerians respond well to targets and percentages and can save and meet spending limits once they get the hang of things.


Leos are impulsive by nature, and so is their spending – they will shop on a whim if something takes their fancy! They will spend; their money, your money, anybody’s money; it is the thrill of spending and obtaining a shiny new object; in the moment that pleases them. Leos also like to be spoilt, so they do enjoy others spending money on them. Partners with a Leo that share a bank account may be disappointed when the money they had earmarked for bills and necessities gets spent on something frivolous!


Virgos love to squirrel away money; those around them are often surprised at how much they can save. Virgo loves to track down a bargain, and they are good at making do, stretching supplies, food etc. Virgo can be a bit judgemental when it comes to others spending. They do not always recognise when it is essential to spend money – so they can get a reputation among the family as being a bit stingy. Virgo is great about creating a budget and sticking with it; they need a little help; with loosening the purse strings once the essentials are covered.


Libra are one of the most dangerous signs when it comes to finances; this is because they generally believe that they are very good with and around money, but usually the opposite is true. Often a Libra will want to be head of the household; when it comes to family budgeting and taking care of utility bills, cars, insurance et al. But; leave them unsupervised at your peril! They may have a good understanding of world economics, but that doesn’t always translate to family budgeting – so work together to bring common sense; to the table.


Usually, Scorpios have good cash flow – they are good earners and seem to attract money in other ways too. But they can also lose money through risky investments – especially those that advertise high rewards. Scorpio might not truly understand the risk involved, so it is essential for the partner’s peace of mind that all essentials are covered first. Scorpios also like to live the good life, so you can expect them to splash out on clothes, items for the home, electronics, food and definitely in the area of eating out and getting merry!


We all know people that when they come into some money – whether it is as simple as a £5 tucked into a birthday card, or a big work bonus, it seems to burn a hole in their pocket. They’ve got to spend it and spend it now – that describes Sagittarian’s philosophy around money! The funny thing is, they will live quite happily within their means when they don’t have extra funds, but when they have it – they spend it. Sag like to make money and spend money – they are happiest when the equation is that simple – enough in, same out!


Capricorns are responsible by nature, and finances are no different – they are pragmatic and will happily organise a budget and work within it. It is easy for them to go down a too-practical rabbit hole and forget that some spending is not essential but does make life worth living. So, creating a family budget together will create a harmonious life with room in the plan; for entertainment and social activities. Partners and children should expect to have spontaneous spending questioned – Caps are not mean, so a good explanation should suffice.


Aquarians love the ability to spend what they want when they want – but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Aquarius can be flashy, and they can get attracted to the latest mobile phone, games console, white goods or even car and find a way to buy it. Some people might try separate bank accounts, but others maintain it is better to have shared access, so you can see if any reckless activity is going on! Aquarius are likely to only own up to spending when said items arrive or the bank statement does – whichever is sooner!


Pisces tend to be good breadwinners; they take their employment seriously and will take overtime opportunities to build a buffer. They are also good at creating and managing household budgets. However, Pisces don’t always understand the ebb and flow of money, especially cash flow and in their past, they may have gotten into debt – even been made bankrupt! They will likely have always overcome such difficulties, so they tend to take money-related matters in their stride. A nervous partner may feel more comfortable; taking a joint approach, and managing money in; versus sensible debt.


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