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Valentines Zodiac Gift Guide

Romantic Zodiac

With Valentines coming so quickly after Christmas it can be difficult to think of what to buy a loved one, obviously the day should all be about spending time together and showing mutual appreciation, but sometimes it is nice to share a token of your love. So here are some thoughts for the different zodiac signs:


The key here is picking something that will show the person you have put time, energy and thought into the present. It could be something that is unique to their personality or something to do with a hobby or interest they have, usually the more adventurous the better!


Think luxury, indulgence and extravagance here. Quality and not quantity is the order of the day, something with a delicious taste, luxurious feel or beautiful smell should work equally well.


In the case of Gemini’s that are easily bored something that would keep them enthused, inspired and occupied would be great. For some this may be technology orientated, others may prefer a craft project or something puzzle based that will keep them guessing for a while.


A sentimental gift is the way to a Cancer signs heart, something that reminds them of a shared experience you have had together. Or something for the home, they love to nest and an ornament or something that will remind them of you and can also adorn their home would work well.


Creating a bit of a commotion with an eye catching gift wouldn’t go amiss for a Leo. They love a bit of drama and anything that seems extravagant and dazzles will impress.


Virgo’s can be tricky in that they have very unique tastes. If the relationship is quite new you may want to get some pointers from them or their friends. Picking something in a brand they already use will show attention to detail.


For a Libra you want to think about nice-looking, dreamy romantic gifts. Avoid brash items and strong colours and if they are quite arty go down a more creative route.


A Scorpio will quite often be happy with anything for Valentines as long as it is a surprise, they like the suspense and so do not ruin it by giving clues. If mystery is able to run through the theme of the present also then all the better.


Practical, practical and practical is the route to a good gift for a Sagittarian. They are not stand still signs so a present could act as a day out or something for one of their pastimes. Equally a kitchen gadget or something that they would use on holiday could also work.


A Capricorn is probably more interested in what you are going to do than what they are going to get, a few glasses of wine and good company and they are happy. However if you do go down a gift route think stylish but functional and it should suggest good value for money.


Modern, original and maybe eccentric would work for Aquarius. They also like technology and gifts for the home but they will not want something that everyone else has. Find something unique that could be a talking point.


Pisces are the essence of ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Easily pleased they will probably like anything you buy, but something thoughtful and romantic will go down well – to truly impress something you have made yourself will always win.

We hope you enjoyed this Valentines Gift Guide – what will you buy your loved one?


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