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Chinese Animal Eye Types

Iridology: Tiger EyesAs you know in Chinese astrology, they associate birth years with animals. When it comes to the ancient practise of face reading, they also associate different eye types with animals. In Japan the practise of Physiognomy (The Art of Face Reading) characterises eyes based on their shape, and the shapes are derived from animal’s eyes – they base things on 40 animals in total, but for today we will concentrate on the seven animal types that the Chinese use.

Cow Eyes

Cow eyes are large and rounded, they have a steady and tranquil gaze. With this person – you will know where you stand, they are both honest and direct, on occasion you may need to forgive their bluntness. You might describe a person with cow eyes as being impulsive and charismatic, and yet they are not adventurous per se. They can be both emotional and romantics at heart, you will love their gentle and patient persona.

Dragon Eyes

Dragon eyes are also large and round and very beautiful, with very defined top and bottom lids. People want to be friends with those with dragon eyes, they are energetic, self-assured and make a great first-impression. They are witty, intelligent and make conversation easily, their magnetism and fun-loving spirit makes them a great person to have around. They have determined personalities with great ideas.

Peacock Eyes

As you imagine from a peacock feather, peacock eye irises are made up of many different colours, the eyes are usually wide set. Those with peacock eyes are usually both sensitive and creative. Relationships do not come easy to them, and in life they often have to learn lessons the hard way. Inwardly they are both resourceful and driven, but they need to look forward more and not let past upsets trip up their future endeavours.

Phoenix Eyes

Phoenix eyes are large, sparkling and bright – the irises will be particularly generous. They have to work hard for what they want in life, but they are quietly self-determined. Those with phoenix eyes are naturally quite timid and often sentimental, sometimes they are hurt when their sense of fairness does not play out as they would like. Despite this they stay true to their hearts, being kind to all. But in the end their persistence pays off and they enjoy good health, wealth and popularity.

Pig Eyes

Pig eyes tend to be small and round in shape, on occasion their attitude can be short-sighted, and their vision for projects and occasional temper can get them into trouble. But under that feisty veneer they are clever and work well in a team. Those with pig eyes have many friends as they are sweet and loyal and their fun-loving personality draws others to them.

Tiger Eyes

Tiger eyes are rectangular and deep set with long graceful lids and striking irises! Just like the animal, tiger eye people are courageous and sometimes a bit restless and rebellious. They are very tenacious and won’t stop until their goal is reached. Those with tiger eyes are curious but can be stubborn once they have formed an opinion. They have their pride and are honourable in their actions – they don’t like bad behaviour!

Wolf Eyes

Wolf eyes are extremely piercing and have a downwards slant. Those with wolf eyes are highly motivated and are not afraid to use a bit of cunning when needed to achieve an objective. They are fiercely loyal and want to protect those they care about. Their powerful nature deters anyone from crossing them. Sometimes they lack patience, wanting everything to materialise now, but with age they realise that their single-mindedness and determination will be enough to succeed.


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