Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

If you feel in need of support throughout the festive season, then Archangel Chamuel is a great angel to turn to. Connected to the heart chakra, Chamuel focuses on helping you to develop and nurture loving relationships.

Sometimes having healthy relationships with others, first starts at home, with us learning to accept and love ourselves. Only when we do that, can we feel ready to receive love from others as well as give it wholeheartedly and unreservedly.


A Vision for the Future

Vision: Life Plan

The ongoing pandemic has created a very uncertain time, leaving us not knowing what is going to happen from one week to the next, never mind three months, or a year from now. But, having a vision for our future can be very grounding, it is important now, more than ever that we do not lose sight of what we want for our lives. Equally these situations teach us that time is of the essence, and we should be taking steps towards our goals and securing happiness in our lives now and in the future.

You may very well use vision techniques at work, perhaps you have responsibility of realising projects to a conclusion. However, not everyone approaches their personal life and happiness with the same precision…



Rebecca - Netflix
Rebecca – Netflix

If you don’t feel quite ready to go back to the cinema yet, then you’ll be glad to know Netflix is bringing brand new movies to the small screen.

Rebecca has had several screen adaptations; this time around Netflix and Armie Hammer brings the classic Daphne du Maurier’s gothic thriller novel to life.


Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable?



Cardinal zodiac signs are proactive and innovative; they are natural leaders and as such don’t take instruction easily from others!

They have a motivation to succeed, are strong-willed and can be powerful and commanding.




Have you ever heard of Lynchnomancy? Well, it’s a super simple form of divination, harking back to a time when candles would have been the only source of light.

Lynchnomancy Set Up

  • To have a go at divining the future with candles, you need to gather three candles – they need to be identical to each other and most importantly unused.
  • Find a quiet room, where the windows and doors can be closed, to exclude drafts.

Money Lessons


Recent events will have brought money & finances into sharp focus for many. Furlough, redundancy, reduced hours, working from home, have all become part of our vocabulary.

Many of us have naturally prioritised essential spending – such as food and medicines. A few of us may have even been able to save a little, as a result of less travel costs, socialising and more.

So, now that the world is trying to normalise a little, and politician’s thoughts in part turn to the economy. Are there money lessons that we should be learning as part of this wider journey?


Qixi: Chinese Valentine’s Day


Qixi is otherwise known as The Double Seventh Festival, based around a romantic legend story. So named, for falling on the 7th day of the 7th month (Chinese Lunar), in 2020 that falls on Tuesday 25th August.

Could your love-life do with an injection of romance? Then 6 months after our own Valentine’s Day, why not embrace the Chinese equivalent called Qixi?


Holiday: Safe & Happy Travels…


Many holiday operators have seen a sudden surge in interest, with lots of people desperate to book a last-minute escape. Of course, many will have booked long in advance and if that was for late July or August it’s quite likely it will be going ahead as planned.

If you are in the latter position, you may well have a mix of excitement, but also trepidation about venturing on holiday, particularly abroad. So we look at how to ensure you have safe & happy travels!


Planets: The Magic of Astrology


When you read your horoscopes you will often see planetary references. For example, in July for Taurus. Planets: Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are all affected by the Lunar Eclipse, that falls in your education & religious sky.

You might be interested to know, just what the different planets govern and are associated with. Of course, the position of the planets within astrology at your time of birth, will have a lot to do with your personality traits, but they can also have an impact on day-to-day life!

The Sun

Career Aspirations, Motivation, Well-being, Prosperity, Law, Guidance, Buying/Selling and Children.

The sun is associated with masculine energy, and male pursuits.

Don’t be tempted down an arrogant and overassertive route, instead let the sun’s light lead the way.


Dating: Is it time to start?


Today, we are discussing dating: Did you find yourself going through the UK lock-down (as a result of the Covid19 crisis) alone? Maybe you are separated or divorced, or just happily single… Whatever the reason for not being in a relationship, many folks have found themselves evaluating their lives during this period. Some have thrived, and not found the solitary living an issue, but others may have decided that in the future it might just be time to dip their toes in the dating pool once more!


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