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Field of Consciousness

Do you ever think about a person that you haven’t seen for a long time and before long they phone or you bump into them?

Or the phone rings and you think of the person before you see the number or pick up?


This is you tapping into the same field of consciousness that mediums and healers practice diligently to connect with you more effectively. The truth is we are all capable of this and the more you understand the way the consciousness works, the more you will get from a reading.


Travel Money Savvy

Travel Money

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Take expensive items with you. In this day and age with baggage allowances getting smaller, and airlines charging extras for every piece of luggage it can feel easier to travel light and leave many holiday essentials at home. However, once in a resort, you may find that many items are much more expensive abroad, for example sun tan lotion, insect repellent, first-aid medications, baby items etc.


Psychometry – An Introduction


In simple terms Psychometry is an ability to sense information about a person – either past or present, about a place or even an event. It is done by holding an object that is closely bonded to the person. It might be a crystal, a piece of jewellery, even a teddy bear – but something that means a lot to them, and where their energy is likely to have soaked into the artefact.

Psychometry is sometimes described as the ‘soul’s eye’ or the ‘etheric eye’, but the word itself actually derives from two Greek words: Psyche – meaning soul and Metron – meaning measure.


Holiday Planning

Avoid any last-minute hiccups and start researching/sorting now:


Many people will have already booked their summer holiday, but having poured over reviews to select the best accommodation, we often leave the finer details to the last minute. Brexit – whether we leave the EU or end up with a no-deal situation, may add further complications to your holiday planning.


Summer Solstice: Embrace the Season

The summer solstice is upon us, arriving on Friday 21st June. Why not use this date as a jumping off point to embrace all that the summer months have to offer?

Summer Solstice


If you are guilty of a bit too much social media and screen time generally, then now may be the perfect time to switch off devices and notifications and really connect with your family, loved ones and friends on a face-to-face basis. You might be really surprised by how much more you feel ‘connected’ for stepping into the real world once more, and not spending so much time virtually.


There is something very spiritual about witnessing a sunrise and sunset. Try to find time to experience both, and feel reenergised by the magic.


The Spice Girls Tour Again…

Spice Girls
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If you have picked up a newspaper in recent weeks, and in looking for some light relief in between Brexit coverage, you have probably seen that the Spice Girls are touring once more.

Their Success

If you are of a certain generation, then you will be well-versed in the phenomenon that was the Spice Girls. They burst on to the music scene with their debut single – Wannabe in 1996. Yes, it really was 23 years ago! The single released by Virgin Records, was number one in 37 countries. The album, titled ‘Spice’ followed and sold 31 million copies.

Their continued success cemented them as the best-selling female group in history of all time, rivalling the success of other British band The Beatles.


Dream Meanings

Dream Meanings

Interpreting dreams is as old as time, once described as nocturnal visions, the communications received were considered to be messages from gods. Many of the dreams we have will be weird and wonderful, and we may only remember snippets of information. You might be surprised how many of us dream of common scenarios and that they have specific Dream Meanings behind them.

Here we explore some of the most common Dream Meanings:


  • Most people will experience a sinking or falling dream at some point in their lives. These sensation dreams normally occur when you are feeling overwhelmed in day-to-day life. It literally means you are lacking in support.

Wild Rose played by Jessie Buckley

Jessie Buckley

Wild Rose

If you cast your mind back a bit over 10 years, then you might remember Jessie Buckley’s appearance on the BBC TV show I’d Do Anything. She actually took second place, but not being the winner hasn’t held her back in any way. She has had success in West End productions, TV shows including three series for the BBC and in film. But every singer/actor has a break out project, and the film ‘Wild Rose’, might just be the vehicle for showing just what a born star Jessie is.


Palmistry – Surprising Things You Might Not Know!


Hand Lines

  • You might imagine that the lines on your hands are formed, as a result of how you live, the job you do, how you grew up, how you close and move your hands. But in fact, the lines are formed when you are in the womb!
  • Having said that some experts that read palms, do believe that palms can change over time, especially if you go through a particular period of upheaval in your life. The minor lines, are the most likely to change and in a small frequency of time. The simplest way to tell, is to take an ink-print of your palm now and then again in six months to a year, and see if there are any differences.



Scrying is actually one of the oldest methods used for divining the future. The word Scrying has meaning behind it, derived from ‘descry’ an old English word that meant to reveal, or to make out dimly. Those that offer scrying as part of their clairvoyant skills, use an object that has a reflective or shiny surface, in many cases the crystal ball will be the first choice, but others may use a favourite crystal, or something with personal meaning to them.


It is thought that you can trace Scrying back to China in 3000BC, Egypt in 2500BC and Ancient Greece in 2000BC. In those times crystals may still have been used, but also cracked eggs and oil that was placed into vessels. It was only later that crystal balls and mirrors were used as the form of divination developed.


  • The first step is to clear the mind, some clairvoyants may prefer to enter a trance like state to achieve full concentration.

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