Runes – Part 1


.||. It was some time later before they were used for the purpose of divination. At that point they were known as the Elder Futhark. Originally Runes were carved into small pieces of wood, but nowadays they can be found carved into many different materials. Traditionally they are kept in a fabric pouch. As well as casting to divine the future, folk select their favourite Rune/meaning and keep them close to act as talismans. They can also be used to enhance meditation. Or as a singular divination tool when you want a specific question answering.

Norse Legend

Norse legend just underlines further the allure and power behind Runes. The story goes that Odin who was the God of magic and the underworld, impaled himself with a spear and was hung by his feet from branches of Yggdrasil (Tree of the World). Over the course of 9 days and nights, he searched for enlightenment and was eventually rewarded with runes lying on the ground below.


Auralite Crystal


The Auralite crystal is named after the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis. The stone is actually made up of twenty-three minerals. For many, it is considered an awakening gem best used on the mind and spirit. This unique type of Amethyst is found in the Cave of Wonders in Thunder Bay, Canada.


Thoughts are just thoughts…


Have you ever taken the time to figure out how many thoughts you have in a day? I’m guessing the count would be quite high. On some days, especially when busy or focused on work or an activity, your thoughts may be less intrusive. However, during moments of solitude and quiet, these thoughts might become more intrusive and unwelcome.

It is undeniable that our minds are constantly active, and the thoughts we have throughout the day can be random, peculiar, or even bizarre – similar to how our dreams can be during night time.

Noisy Thoughts

Just because a thought crosses your mind does not make it a fact or deserving of extra attention. When feeling low, experiencing depression, or heightened anxiety levels, it becomes challenging to silence these noisy thoughts. We tend to give them more attention as they align with our current mood. Unfortunately, negative thoughts often trigger a cycle leading to more negativity and consequently worsening our mood.


Valentines Zodiac Gift Guide

Romantic Zodiac

With Valentines coming so quickly after Christmas it can be difficult to think of what to buy a loved one, obviously the day should all be about spending time together and showing mutual appreciation, but sometimes it is nice to share a token of your love. So here are some thoughts for the different zodiac signs:


The key here is picking something that will show the person you have put time, energy and thought into the present. It could be something that is unique to their personality or something to do with a hobby or interest they have, usually the more adventurous the better!


Sun: Signs & Symbols – Vitality & Regeneration


From the winter weather, it might seem strange to discuss The Sun; however, as well as being a symbol of summer and good weather, it is also a powerful symbol to be revered as a life force and cosmic power. Often, the Sun is associated with vitality, enlightenment, birth and regeneration, making it a perfect starting place for the New Year.

In Japan and American/Indian Tribes, the Sun is considered female, but by and large, throughout history and culture, the Sun is seen as a male energy. The Sun is often depicted with a dual personality: one of passion, youth, royalty, and a fertilising force, but also as something with a great capacity for fire and destruction.

Here, we take a look at some legends and Gods associated with the Sun:


Bonfire Night Facts & Quiz

Bonfire Night

Did you know that up to 1959, it was illegal; to NOT; celebrate Bonfire Night? However, the event was celebrated indoors.

The above dictate was only allowed after World War I and WW II, as in those periods, no one was allowed to set off fireworks; for fear of alerting the enemy to where people were. This legislation, was cemented with The Defence of the Realm Act in parliament in 1914.


Halloween History


Halloween is an unusual celebration. While it is not technically patriotic or historical, it is celebrated internationally. It weaves spirituality, death and religious beliefs into our present and historical imaginations.

Many believe that Halloween is a “pagan” or pre-European-Christian holiday with roots in Celtic traditions. Perhaps Halloween is a descendent of the Celtic Samhain festival? On the 1st of November, two significant events were observed: the Celtic New Year and the day when departed souls were believed to return to Earth. In 731 A.D., this date was officially designated as All Saints’ Day (also known as All Hallows Day). October 31st therefore became All Hallows Eve, in time shortened to “Halloween.”


Zodiac Partners and their Approach to Finances!


Has it ever occurred to you that the zodiac sign a person was born under can also influence the choices they make; and the philosophies; they have around money?

Do you often find that you and your partner do not see eye to eye on finances? Of course, our thoughts around money are influenced by many things, from the way we were raised to the jobs we have; and what we value in life. But read on, and see if you recognise any traits in the below Zodiac Signs…


As you have no doubt realised, Aries like to spend – even overspend! Which, of course, has a knock-on effect on you and your family. If it is available, they will spend it, whether that is on a credit card, overdraft, or even getting into more serious debt. Aries partners will often feel like they have to step in and rescue things – but this of course sets up a pattern for Aries not needing to worry about the outcome. So far in life, they always seem to muddle through; from their perspective, the less they worry about such matters, the more lady luck shines down on them!


Celestite Crystal

You might sometimes hear this crystal referred to as Celestine; they come in blue, yellow, red and white colours. This crystal is often sold in large geode clusters and sometimes in a pyramid shape – they can be expensive, although; they are easy to obtain due to them; being mined in many places from Britain to Egypt, Libya, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru and Poland. This crystal can appear translucent, depending on the light – it can fade in colour; and, as such, should never be placed in direct sunlight around your home or person.

Spiritual Enlightenment

The Celestite crystal has a high vibration and is teaming with divine energy, so it is attractive to anyone beginning their spiritual journey and those that seek to connect with angelic realms; to encourage dream recollections, clairvoyant communications and enlightenment in general. Due to its high-frequency vibrations, many will also choose this crystal for scrying.


Boji Stone

Boji Stone
Boji Stone

I’m starting with a more unusual suggestion for crystal healing today; in the form of; Boji Stones. As you can see from the pictures, these stones usually have a brown tone, although you may also find them in blue. If you select a smooth stone, it may be almost metallic in style; these are considered feminine energy. A square stone, or one; with a more jagged edge, is considered masculine in energy. They are sourced from Britain and the USA but are on the more difficult; end of the scale to find.


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