Angel Crafts

Angel CardsSchool holidays are in full swing, so ifyou have children at home and are doing some arts and crafts, why not join in the fun and create your own Angel Card deck.

Making the cards

  • Angel card decks vary in number from 34-48 cards.
  • You will need to cut pieces of card, all to the same size – you can base these on the size of playing cards; or go bigger if your shuffling abilities are not great, or you really want to go to town on the design of the cards!


Top Tips for staying sane as you prepare to go on holiday!

HolidayAre you one of the few people that has packing a case and going on holiday down to a fine art; or does you house look like a whirlwind has rushed through it and like you are one step away from an almighty row with whoever gets in your way, including the family pets!

If it’s the latter, then perhaps our useful tips will get you on the road to a smoother journey this year.

Like many things in life, a little bit of planning goes a long way, and getting as many jobs out of the way early is the key to success:

  • Check that your passports and driving licences are in date (some countries require a certain number of months left on the passport in order to accept you). It is a good idea to either have copies of the documents, or at least the numbers – in the case of loss/theft.
  • Check if you need to apply for any visa’s, or documents such as DVLA documents for hiring a car.


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma MiaI have to be honest that Mamma Mia is something that my husband and I still laugh about now, he is just a couple of years older than me but knew a lot more about ABBA than I did, I just thought we were going to see a film at the cinema, with no real idea that Mamma Mia was going to essentially be a musical. I’ll be honest and say that a few songs in I asked whether they were going to ‘sing’ the whole film, and my husband laughed hysterically at my question and replied – ‘yes, what did you expect!’ Well, suffice to say – lesson learned and ever since I have been more inquiring when a cinema trip has been raised…

But, whilst Mamma Mia the first time around might not have been my cup of tea, plenty of people disagreed with me, in fact the movie grossed more than $600 million world-wide, hence when I heard that Mamma Mia was getting a second instalment in the shape of ‘Here We Go Again’, I felt it should be featured. (more…)

Part Time Vegan

Vegan DietNot so long ago you might have had a rather unflattering view of a ‘vegan’ as a slightly hippy person that ate a lot of mung beans and tofu. Being a vegetarian or vegan was a serious endeavour, and very often one taken as a result of concerns for animal welfare.

But, now the tides have turned and if I say vegan, you might very well think of celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé going vegan for a month or two to get ‘concert ready’.

And that’s the thing, people are now introducing vegan style eating to their lives but not necessarily as a full-time approach. Some may start by having a ‘meat free day’, others will have vegetarian or vegan breakfast and lunch, but eat whatever they want for dinner. Some are taking a 5-2 approach, 2 days vegan and 5 days with their usual diet and so on. (more…)

Readers Anthony and Sandra

Psychic ReadingsDeveloping Your Psychic Ability by Anthony, PIN: 8004

Have the olden days of mystery and power left us forever? Those who walk in the footsteps of this Universe have achieved at least a taste of the power and light that loves us, that knows our innate psychic abilities. How does an apprentice teach themselves to recognise that power and light? We begin by making our breathing deep and slow. If we breathe deep enough we can breathe our way into a deep psychic trance, this in turn leads to visions that are exceedingly powerful.

As we gradually go into an ever-deepening trance the next step is to accept the first thing that comes into your mind. It is a surprising fact that the very first item that we see is usually the correct one. (more…)

Book Club

Book Club MovieThe Book Club film is released in the UK on the 1st June by Paramount Pictures and has an all-star cast featuring Jane Fonda (our cover star this month), Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen.

As you might imagine from the film title ‘Book Club’ the four stars play friends that meet regularly for a book club, where they bond over literature. That is until one day when Vivian played by Fonda suggests they mix things up a bit by reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’!

Whatever you might think about the premise of the Fifty Shade trilogy, in terms of the writing quality or the films. There is no doubt that few things have created quite such a phenomenon in popularity for adults in modern times. So, I suppose it is natural a film has been created about the phenomena itself. (more…)

Is there a new Zodiac Sign in town!

Ophiuchus 13th zodiac signA while back NASA updated their zodiac calendar with a 13th sign. Of course, over time the Earth’s axis has shifted, and so there is some argument that along with that the dates correlating to the existing 12 zodiac signs have changed also.

History of the Zodiac Signs

It was the Babylonians that created the zodiac out of 12 equal parts over 3000 years ago. Each sign was allocated a period from one day of the month to another. Even today there are some variances on when one star sign begins and another ends. The Earth orbits the sun through a period of a year and as it does so it passes through each element of the zodiac on specific days, hence the day and month that you were born equates to your star sign. (more…)

On Your Feet Britain

On Your Feet BritainThe 27th April is ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day, the challenge is simple – spend less time sitting and more time on your feet!

Medical research suggests that sitting for more than 4 hours per day contributes to health issues, for example a reduced metabolic rate – essentially burning less calories, disrupted blood sugar levels, heightened blood pressure, increased insulin levels, switched off leg muscles and the shutting down of enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats.

It is thought that a culmination of the above health issues can lead to major diseases like cancer, heart disease diabetes, dementia as well as other health problems like obesity, back ache, muscle degeneration and depression.

The problem is that British people sit on average for 8.9 hours per day, but many of us sit for even longer. If you tot up the time you spend sitting during a commute, whilst eating, whilst at work and relaxing – whether that be in front of a computer or TV – you might find the figure is scarily higher! (more…)

Runes – part 2

RunesIf you missed the introduction to Rune, and the first few interpretations of the alphabet – Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz and Ansuz then click here first.

Rune Interpretations

Raido – You need to move on with your life, perhaps you are feeling stuck, this may mean on an emotional or spiritual level, but you may also go on a physical journey.

Kaunaz – To see the right way ahead, you must first shed light on your current life story. Better understanding will come from looking honestly.

Gebo – Love. Generosity. Gifts. Working for a higher purpose.

Wunjo – A happy relationship and the joy that brings. But also, contentment in general – you are happy with your lot! (more…)

Runes – Part 1

RunesRunes are shrouded in mystery, partly due to their complex meanings. They are said to have originated in Scandinavia, as an ancient form of alphabet. It was some time later before they were used for the purpose of divination, at that point they were known as the Elder Futhark. Originally Runes were carved into small pieces of wood, but nowadays they can be found carved into many different materials. Traditionally they are kept in a fabric pouch. As well as casting to divine the future, folk select their favourite Rune/meaning and keep them close to act as talismans. They can also be used to enhance meditation, or as a singular divination tool when you want a specific question answering.

Norse legend just underlines further the allure and power behind Runes, the story goes that Odin who was the god of magic and the underworld, impaled himself with a spear and was hung by his feet from branches of Yggdrasil (Tree of the World), over the course of 9 days and nights, he searched for enlightenment and was eventually rewarded with runes lying on the ground below. (more…)

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The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 (approx. US$50) for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 (approx. US$2.50) per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.