Celestite Crystal

You might sometimes hear this crystal referred to as Celestine; they come in blue, yellow, red and white colours. This crystal is often sold in large geode clusters and sometimes in a pyramid shape – they can be expensive, although; they are easy to obtain due to them; being mined in many places from Britain to Egypt, Libya, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru and Poland. This crystal can appear translucent, depending on the light – it can fade in colour; and, as such, should never be placed in direct sunlight around your home or person.

Spiritual Enlightenment

The Celestite crystal has a high vibration and is teaming with divine energy, so it is attractive to anyone beginning their spiritual journey and those that seek to connect with angelic realms; to encourage dream recollections, clairvoyant communications and enlightenment in general. Due to its high-frequency vibrations, many will also choose this crystal for scrying.


Boji Stone

Boji Stone
Boji Stone

I’m starting with a more unusual suggestion for crystal healing today; in the form of; Boji Stones. As you can see from the pictures, these stones usually have a brown tone, although you may also find them in blue. If you select a smooth stone, it may be almost metallic in style; these are considered feminine energy. A square stone, or one; with a more jagged edge, is considered masculine in energy. They are sourced from Britain and the USA but are on the more difficult; end of the scale to find.


Summer Solstice Sun Gods & Goddesses


The Summer Solstice takes place on the 21st June 2023 in the UK; in modern Paganism the words Ostara, Litha & Mabon denote Spring, Midsummer and the Autumn Equinox. Early Litha was known as the month of June and Late Litha as the month of July. Now Midsummer is commonly called just Litha. The word Litha translates as ‘calm’ in Anglo-Saxon probably paralleling with the rest period of the farming year.


Solstice is derived from the words ‘sol’ meaning sun and ‘sistere’ meaning cause to stand still, midsummer celebrations focus on the power of the sun and celebrate ripening, fertility and regeneration.

If you need a little inspiration this summer, then why not call on any one of the Sun Gods or Goddesses for guidance:

For healing, creative inspiration and assistance on your journey contact the Greek God Apollo. He oversaw medicine, poetry, art and healing, and of course his main task was to harness his flaming chariot with four horses and drive the sun across the sky. Call upon Apollo when you need light and truth.

If you are embarking on a DIY project or an adventure summer holiday, basically anything that requires concentrated skill then Lugh is the God for you. He was a master of skill and talent turning his hand to building, fighting, hunting and more. Request that Lugh bestows on you the skills you need to complete your project well.

If you or someone you care about is getting married this summer, then call for Juno’s protection. She safeguards and protects women; Juno is the patroness of the divine union. To ensure a wedding goes off without a hitch, appeal to Juno during Litha for her blessings.

Zodiac Signs, and their approach to arguments!


There is nothing worse than arguing with your partner; sometimes, it is one of those silly rows over something mundane, like whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. But, other times – it is an all-out slanging match over something significant! Either way, have you ever stopped to think about how a person’s Zodiac Sign might influence; the way they behave during a squabble?

Read on as we delve into each zodiac sign’s argument style…


Aries is, of course, a zodiac fire sign, and so they often have a temper. They can be quite dramatic when a spat ensues, hanging up the phone or slamming doors. No matter what the initial argument is about, they will use the opportunity to air their grievances. A partner; may, for a long time, avoid an argument at all costs. But, now and again – the blow-out might be worth it, as all sides get things out in the open so the air can be cleared.


Pancake Day

I often think Pancake Day is well placed and enjoyed; if not least, because it falls six or so; weeks after New Year’s resolutions start. Many resolutions would have been well-being and health-related. So, for many, Pancake Day provides the perfect excuse to break some rules after weeks of being ‘good’!


Pancake Day is, of course; Shrove Tuesday – which precedes Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent, 40 days of fasting in the run-up to Easter. The date varies each year, and in 2023 it will be on Tuesday 21st of February.

Why pancakes

Shrove Tuesday was a chance to use up eggs, fats and other products that could not be eaten or nowadays would be too tempting to have around in a fasting period.


Habit Stacking

From year to year and around the globe, it is funny that the main New Year Resolutions that people strive for don’t change very much. Topping the list is usually losing weight, reducing alcohol, exercising more, stopping smoking, spending more time with family, improving work/life balance and learning something new – like an instrument or foreign language!

So, despite these good intentions and a whole concept wrapped around making changes – why are New Year Resolutions so doomed to failure?

Well, often, the goals are large, and people may lack a clear plan on how to make changes. They start with good intentions, but willpower and enthusiasm quickly wane. People often try to change too many things, all in one go, and so they get overwhelmed, to name a few…


Spread a little Joy this Christmas

It is fair to say that recently things have felt a little bit bleak, both home and away – and we could all do with a bit of festive joy this Christmas season.

The spirit of the time is one of giving; there is no better gift than one’s time and thoughtfulness.

If you have the time and means, then; why not carry out an ‘advent calendar’ or ’12 days of Christmas’ acts of kindness for others, and spread a little joy to those around you?

I’m sure you will have your own ideas, but here are some to get you started:


Now, more than ever – people are visiting food banks. Why not check where your local bank collects from; and if there is anything specific, they need? At this time of year, they are often; short of non-food items like toiletries, household cleaning supplies, and some festive treats.


Amber: Crystal Healing

What you may not realise is that Amber isn’t a crystal. Instead, it is a resin from a tree that has solidified and then become fossilised. However, that does not lessen its usefulness as a gem in your healing crystal collection.

Amber has been popular for a long time, especially for jewellery pieces. Larger gems are often set into necklaces or chunky bracelets, giving wearers the perfect opportunity to have the stone close to them.


The Magic of Dandelion


Dandelions – now, most people’s first thoughts when it comes to these plants are ones of annoying weeds that pop up in perfectly manicured lawns and borders. But I am here to tell you all to fret not, next time you see one, or even better, see a whole lawn of them!

Honestly, over the past couple of years, dandelions have become one of, if not my favourite plants, to use spiritually and magically. They have many uses and benefits to health, healing, cleansing and spiritual meaning; it’s hard to know where to start, so let’s go with the obvious one.


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