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Interpreting Flames

Girl with CandlePyromancy

Pyromancy was an ancient type of divination used by those in Ancient Greece and Rome. Vestal Virgins in Rome were keepers of the eternal flame; they divined the future whilst observing the forever burning flames. In these times fire was looked upon as being intrinsically pure – a primary element that would purify anything offered up be it plants, animals or people, making them acceptable to Vesta the Goddess of the Hearth.

Everything about the flames would have been analysed – the way they flickered, their height, their colour, their rise and fall, the amount of smoke, any sounds they made…

During a sacrifice it was considered good if the flames were quickly consumed, it was considered bad if the flames were disturbed by wind, took a long time to start or took a long time to burn. A favourable interpretation was taken from no sounds and a bright orange colour, but things were adverse if the fire crackled, there was a lot of smoke or it was deep red in colour.

The ancients would also divine by fire torches, a flame divided in two meant a bad omen, but a single flame or one with three or more aspects was a good sign. A bent flame could mean sickness or even death, the most feared sign was if the flame went out suddenly – signifying great disaster.

Lychnomancy & Ceromancy

It’s not very practical nowadays to divine by fire, but you can still take from the practise using candles. Lychnomancy can be used by interpreting candle flames to answer questions. Ceromamcy divines via decoding the patterns that candle wax makes.

If you want to try Ceromancy, then take a large candle and burn it for at least half an hour, this will allow positive energy to build up before you use it. Take a bowl of water – use opposite colours, so if your candle is white or cream then a coloured bowl would be better, so you can see the formed shapes. Think about your question and then say it out loud whilst simultaneously blowing out the candle. Then place the candle at an angle over the bowl of water for 1-2 seconds and allow a shape to form. You intuition will guide you on the shape – the first thing that springs to mind will be right. There are many websites and books to guide you on all of the possible shapes, but here are some shapes and explanations to get you started:

Anchor – your loved one is true to you

Balloon – your problems will not last long, difficulties will lift

Bell – a celebration will take place, possibly a wedding

Bird – soon you will be hearing good news

Bridge – take a chance

Broom – change is going to happen, or make a change

Chain – this is a signal you should go ahead with your plans

Circle – a reconciliation will take place

Cloud – a difficult situation lies ahead

Cross – you are being protected, there is nothing to fear

Ear – advancement at work is likely

Fan – expect a surprise

Feather – your problem will be solved

Ghost – someone in your past is searching for you

Heart – a friendship will turn in to love

House – improved times are ahead

Moon – you should gain more money soon

Pen – a close friend or relative will be writing to you

Scissors – a separation will take place

Snake – be on guard against your enemies

Spiders Web – good news will befall you

Star – happiness

Sun – good fortune

Walking Stick – get out and about, visit friends

Wheel – someone will return to you

If you would prefer to practise Lychnomancy, then choose a candle and hold it in a heat proof container, light it, relax, close your eyes and focus on your question. Open your eyes and now gaze past the candle, keep your question in mind and watch what the flame is doing, the answer to your question can be interpreted as follows:

A strong burning flame – this indicates a definite ‘yes’ to your question.

A tall and hot flame – you need to think fast, the issue in hand will proceed quickly.

A yellow flame – you will need to think about your situation more creatively to get a good solution.

A blue flame or crackling flame – rest assured you have spiritual guidance working to get you the desired outcome.

A sudden blaze of flame – something unexpected will happen!

A flickering flame – the issue you are concerned about needs more of your attention and input to sort.

The candle is burning faintly – now is not the time to act in haste, take stock and think about your problem before acting.

A small low flame – expect progress to be slow.

Black smoke from the flame – someone is opposed to you, there may be struggles ahead – you could snuff out the flame to nip any bad influences in the bud.

If the candle will not light or will not go out – this indicates a definite ‘no’ to your question.


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