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The Real Faeries at Midsummer

FaeriesYes faeries are real. They were created from the heart of God the same as the angels were. Faeries are God’s guardian angels of nature and they ensure the health and safety of animals, plants and Mother Earth. They are clairsentient beings able to sense human emotion and are affected by it. The word fairy derives from the old French faerie, which means ‘enchantment’. My spelling of faerie here is generally recognized at the present time to be the spelling used when referring to the serious study of elemental, magical beings. Other spellings, such as fairy, usually refer to a kind of imaginary fairy in a trivial or childlike sense; Tinkerbell is the stereotypical image. However the inhabitants of Faerie Land are very numerous and varied indeed. What do faeries look like? The answer varies drastically with the type of faery you are dealing with, but they are generally small, from several inches to about three feet high. There are a few faery spirits who have the ability to take temporary human form and size and there are even faeries classified as giants.

Almost universally faeries love nature, music, dancing, poetry, horses and adore rich sweets. They love beauty and luxury and hate people who are mean or money-minded. Faeries like simple, unpretentious, sincere folk, especially children and hate the noisy, boastful, quarrelsome or greedy. They detest greed. Iron terrifies faeries, they will vanish immediately if it’s anywhere near. They are humorous and sometimes mischievous.  They will reward the mortals they are fond of by bestowing gifts of healing, magic or special talents. If you want to make friends with them, ensure you care for animals and plants and protect the natural world. They don’t like it when people say “thank you”, they prefer to be left a gift instead of a saucer of fresh milk/best cream, wine or a small cake made from the finest ingredients. Leave out a bowl of water for them to wash in at night. Take care to be kind to lone travellers for they may be faery princes in disguise and will always reward a good deed or kindliness shown towards them.

The best time to see faeries is on Midsummer Eve 21st June. Midsummer is the most ancient of festivals, derived from Pagan celebrations of the Summer Solstice. It is one of the most mystical times of the year, when all sorts of bewitchments are in the air. Humans live on the densest energy level, followed by plants and animals who are more spiritually attuned than most humans. The faeries and the other elementals live on the astral plane level just above the animals and the plants, so they are half incarnated and half in the spirit world. Deceased loved ones live on the plane slightly above the faery realm, followed by the ascended masters. The angelic kingdom is on the highest plane level.

Far from being fictitious creations populating the world of “fairy tales”, the true faeries are very real, powerful and loving. Although they are a link between the world of humans and the world of spirit, flitting between the two realms, they are only rarely perceived by our grosser vision. It should be remembered that the sight of faeries is often an inner one, not a physical experience. Faeries are usually encountered during meditation, in visions and in dreams; imagination is one of the main doorways to the otherworld. However, occasionally you may catch glimpses of them in the physical realm, as fleeting shapes or balls of coloured light. You may hear sounds of laughter, piping, or the harp, or detect a different scent. Full manifestation is very rare, though it does happen. Faeries can take any form they wish; their appearance is a glamour. They may appear as people, animals, plants and even flames. Any two people witnessing a manifestation may see the creature differently, because they assume shapes for our benefit. The otherworld has a habit of breaking through into this world to contact us, if only we have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it. If you approach a garden or wild place with an open heart and heightened awareness, you may be astonished at what you experience. Meditation makes you more aware but nature herself is the greatest teacher in this quest.

There are the winged SYLPHS of the air, the SALAMANDERS of fire, UNDINES / MERMAIDS of water /sea and the GNOMES of the earth.

I wish you a joyous Midsummer. Take a moment to inhale the rich fragrant scent of a deep gorgeous rose and get in touch with the light-hearted child within who once (if not still) believed in enchantment and magic. Let that feeling radiate throughout your body, mind and most importantly – your heart; lifting your spirit and raising the consciousness up a peg or two. Bless the earth and the sea and all the wild things that are in God’s world. Bless the fauns and the little elves who dance in the woodland and the bright-eyed creatures who peer through the leaves of the trees. Praise natural beauty in its myriad forms. Faeries often disguise themselves as blue iridescent dragonflies……. or if you are very lucky… may see a  tiny figure for a second or two. If you do, feel extremely privileged and please don’t dismiss it as your mind playing tricks, believe, please believe I implore you!  J.M. Barrie tells us in his book Peter Pan that whenever someone says they don’t believe in faeries, there is a little faery somewhere who falls down dead!!


by reader Jenny-Lou  PIN 3535.


Illustration from The Water Babies 1909, by artist Warwick Goble


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