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Select from our family of Elite Psychic Readers for insightful psychic readings and clairvoyant readings. What to expect during a psychic reading.

Customer Feedback

Jasmine is amazing!


Ellie was great, she picked up on my situation instantly, she has a lovely warmth to her readings and also picked up on something else that was on my mind but I hadn't called about! A great insight and talented lady! Thank you Ellie you have a true gift!


My reading with Aelissa so beautiful. She is a wonderful, warm lady whose gentle, understanding manner gave me so much confidence in what she told me. I would definitely ask for her again because I felt such a lovely connection with her and I came away from the reading with an enormous feeling of inner peace and joy. Thank you Aelissa so much.


Alice was exactly what I needed in a reader. Her insights got straight to the heart of the matter and I gained a much better understanding of things that have been going on around me at present. It was like chatting to a wise, caring old friend and I left feeling very uplifted and excited about the future. Thank you Alice xx


Wow amazing, 1st time I had a reading and highly recommend it, thank you Mariah.


Reading was very uplifting - thanks.


Joanna is a good reader and has a healing energy that I can feel. I felt positive after my reading.

Ms Lee

I have just had a wonderful reading with Robbie as a result of which I am no longer depressed. I feel I can begin to face the future with a positive attitude. He made me laugh and smile inspite of the fact that when I picked up the telephone I just wanted to cry.&


John gave me a thorough and intuitive reading. He is one of the best mediums I have called. He passed messages from those in spirit giving me proof, which was amazing. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. I will definitely be keeping in touch with John.


I have had a reading with Aelissa and she is absolutely fantastic. She is empathetic, kind and caring, which has supported me through my emotional turmoil. Thank you so much for all of your guidance.


I had a reading from Jim and was amazed at what he told me. I was having a lot of problems with a partner at the time. Jim advised me as to what path to take, I decided to take his advice and I am now in a new relationship and am the happiest I have been in a very long time. Thank you so much for guiding me along the right path Jim, I'm so happy ndash; and of it wasn't for you I would probably have gone in the wrong direction. Thank you Jim.


Seph has read for me for a while now and I am always guaranteed to feel uplifted and positive after speaking to her. She does not give any false hopes nor does she tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Her readings have given me guidance and light when I thought there was no hope.


Michaela said to me that my relationship was just going through a sticky patch, so I stayed with my husband and she was right. Then she said that I would lose my job very soon but that I shouldn't worry as another job was just around the corner, I said 'no way', the next week I was told that I was going to be made redundant and 2 weeks later I was offered another better job!


Definitely and absolutely would like to say a big thank you to Mary who provided information from my father who had already passed over regarding the mystery surrounding his death. I wanted a clarification and she confirmed it. She spoke on other areas of my life - my brother and confirmed what would happen. I have spoken to other mediums but Mary was spot on. She connected with my father big time. Thanks Mary ever so much. You are highly recommended to anyone who wants a reliable reading. I will talk to you again. This reader is exceptionally good.


A number of things you said were very true, especially with my Mum. When you mentioned her name Joyce, it really came through to me and you were right we are all missing her, Dad especially. I know how he is feeling as I miss David so much and even more just recently as I think it is just hitting home he is not here. I know they are both around, as all family and I have sensed it and feel their presence. Thank you so much Karen for your kind words and I will have a reading from you again.


I have experienced Ruth's skills and talents at first hand and found them extremely interesting. Ruth's compassion, caring manner, and sensitivity are particularly useful in what can be a very sensitive and emotional area of work.


I had a lovely reading with a lady called Alice. From the moment I started to speak with her she put me at ease, and also gave me wonderful advice and information that was information only I myself could have known. She was a wonderful and caring lady, and made me feel so very much better about myself when I'm facing such a hard road. Alice, you are such a kind and wonderful reader, and a class at what you do. Please, anyone, go to Alice for a reading. Thank you for great advice Alice. Love and God bless to you.


I have had a reading with Paula, I was in a really difficult tough situation and I didn't know which way to turn or where to go, she guided me in the right direction. Her lovely manner, calming voice & beautiful energies made me feel so at ease and relaxed. Thank you Paula xx.


I first started having readings from Norma approximately three years ago when I was going through a particular bad patch both in terms of my career and relationship. Norma has always offered sound advice, guidance and been understanding which has made me see reason as I tend to be impatient. I have always found her very insightful and I value her advice.


Monique was brilliant and down to earth, I trust in what she said to me 150% because we validated on many things, so quick, she has made me feel a lot more confident about situations. Thank you so much, I am very grateful for the reading x.


I really was stunned by Jasmine - she's one reader of a kind. She is the best I have ever come across for honing in without having to say anything and for being very spot on as well as very emotionally intelligent. I will talk to her again soon and tell all my friends about her. She's absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much dear Jasmine.


I have always been fascinated by tarot and have had a number of readings over the years with different readers but none who were as sincere as Hope. I remember thinking at the time how good she was, as she recounted my past experiences - both good and bad. Her predictions in the various areas of my life have subsequently unfolded into reality and I realise I have finally found a psychic medium who I liked and whose advice I could trust.


I have been having readings with Ellie now for well over two years. She has really supported me with the problematic situations in my life. Everything that was said to me has happened over time, giving me the firm belief that every reading I get from Ellie will enable me to sort my life path out no matter how complicated it seems. Ellie is a very caring, funny, soothing and sensitive person who puts you at ease straight away in the first few seconds of the call. Thank you Ellie for your support and insight and I will speak with you very, very soon.


Bryony was exactly what I was looking for in a reader. No small talk, just straight to the heart of the matter. No beating around the bush, just honest forthright communication. Fantastic. For me this is what readings should be about. Lots of gratitude x.


I would just like to say I have had quite a few readings from different psychic companies but yours are superb.


The advice I was given has given me new hope, and I feel my daughter will be safe again.


Premium Rate 0906 111 3030

Calls Cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone company's access charge. Calls are recorded and for entertainment, 18+ only.Readings paid for via your phone bill are restricted to26 minutes each call. Customer Care Line: 0121 737 5079. View full terms & conditions.

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The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 (approx. US$50) for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 (approx. US$2.50) per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.

International +44 121 737 5079

The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 (approx. US$50) for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 (approx. US$2.50) per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.