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From a very young age, I could see Spirit. My earliest memories are of out of body experiences and having conversations with the spirit of a red-coat soldier who lived in our house. When I was older, I discovered that my grandmother had the same abilities, which is probably why I was never discouraged. These early events set me on a life-long course to understand the spiritual side of the universe, my nature and to improve my abilities.

I have worked in Australasia, the U.S.A. and the U.K. in a variety of fields both spiritual and commercial. This includes my time as a Hollywood script consultant, a songwriter as well as a professional psychic of long-standing. I have always known that it was my calling to be a worker in light.

I don't believe in standing still. It is essential to constantly strive and to keep learning. In the past, I have done courses at the Spiritual Association of Great Britain, with Madeline Montalban and many more. I am a hypnotherapist and particularly concentrate on Past Life Regression amongst other therapies I practice. I have been very fortunate with the teachers I have met, in particular, two Ascended Masters whose teachings and guidance are priceless. We are on this earth in bodies because our souls have things to learn they could not learn in any other way. We all need to discover our Soul Purpose.

Once we remember we are Spiritual beings we can enjoy the experience of being human while knowing we are all connected. The diversity of our lives, love and loss, triumph over diversity, gives us the understanding we need on our journey to enlightenment. We all enter the arena of awareness differently; it doesn’t matter how we get there or how long it takes. We must learn to accept divine guidance, learn to have faith in our experiences and have belief in the guidance we receive.

My soul purpose is to guide others on their journeys. To this end, I work with Spirit to give sincere readings. I can connect you to the forces guiding your life. I believe the power of insight gives you the clarity essential to make important decisions or to resolve a personal crisis.

Entering a committed relationship is a spiritual journey we undertake with another person. This is so important for our personal growth and well-being that Spirit is always happy to give guidance on matters of the heart. Also, it is quite acceptable to be successful; Spirit always wants the best for us and is only concerned with how wealth is used. Consequently, I do consultancy work in the worlds of business, films and the police.

The Ascended Masters say we are in a time of Awakening. That may explain why so many people feel something is missing in their lives. The universe is waking you up! It's time to meet the new day.

Alice's feedback

Alice was exactly what I needed in a reader. Her insights got straight to the heart of the matter and I gained a much better understanding of things that have been going on around me at present. It was like chatting to a wise, caring old friend and I left feeling very uplifted and excited about the future. Thank you Alice xx


I had a lovely reading with a lady called Alice. From the moment I started to speak with her she put me at ease, and also gave me wonderful advice and information that was information only I myself could have known. She was a wonderful and caring lady, and made me feel so very much better about myself when I'm facing such a hard road. Alice, you are such a kind and wonderful reader, and a class at what you do. Please, anyone, go to Alice for a reading. Thank you for great advice Alice. Love and God bless to you.


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The service is only for credit card readings. Calls cost £32.95 for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 per minute thereafter – tax included. Charged in sterling (GBP). Maximum 90 minutes. View full terms & conditions.