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Hand Reading – Part 2

PalmistryIf you didn’t see the first part of this post, then  click here  to read about the 1st and 2nd stages of hand reading.

The third step is to look at the lines. There are five main lines that we assess on the palms, each of which tell us about character and the events in a life. The lines can even tell us what stage a person is at in terms of their career, love life, health and more…

There are certain marks on the lines, for example crosses or stars that point to events or turning points in a person’s life. These might denote a need to take extra care, or a break may demonstrate a complete stop of energy.

The Life Line:

Despite the title, the life line does not actually determine how long a life will be, but is more about how you will live your life. A clear line likely means that you are bubbly and sociable with plenty of energy. A weak line means you lean towards being more introverted and like your own company.

The Head Line:

This line is all about your world view-point, are you a born worrier or do you have an easy-going demeanour? A weak line points to more of an emotional personality, and perhaps a tendency towards being indecisive, whereas a clear line would make you more logical and rational.

The Fate Line:

Fame and fortune is the name of the game with this line. Which really means will life be harder for you, with you getting thrown around by life a bit, and learn from your mistakes (weak line), or will life come easier for you, with you being a born leader (strong line). Here there is a third scenario, with no fate line showing – which generally represents someone who doesn’t want any responsibilities in life!

The Heart Line:

As you might expect this line deals with romance, relationships and feelings. The way the line curves might show you as an extrovert or introvert, whether you are emotionally sensitive or unable to express your feelings. Where the line ends tell how seriously you take emotions, your levels of loyalty, passion and common sense, and whether you will be jealous, demanding or emotionally immature. Even the position of the palm impacts this line to tell us if you are well-balanced, sociable, and able to demonstrate your feelings.

The Apollo Line:

The Apollo line is one that might be present, but equally you may not have one. Those that are lucky enough to have this line likely have a sunny disposition and will be successful in life.

The fourth step is to assess the fingers and thumb. Even your fingers, finger tips and thumb contain information about who you are and where you are going. In general, pointed fingers suggest an artistic person with sensitive qualities, whereas square fingertips suggest a more logical and practical person.


In regards to the thumb, what it tells us is all in relation to how close to the fingers it is. A thumb that is close to the fingers means a shy person. An open thumb (further from the fingers) belongs to someone who is more relaxed. If the thumb is roughly the same size as the little finger then this suggests a healthy ego. A long thumb would mean a take-charge sort of person who is skilled and organised. A short thumb indicates someone who is unmotivated and weak.

Index Finger:

This finger is represented by Jupiter, and is suggestive of your leadership qualities. The length of the finger expands on this area – normal – can lead when needed, and has a well-balanced ego. Short – a shy person with not so much ability to take initiative. Long – maybe too much confidence and can be arrogant.

Middle Finger:

The middle finger is associated with Saturn and signifies wisdom and responsibility. Normal – has a good sense of duty, short – struggles when making decisions, long – trustworthy but can take on too much.

Ring Finger:

The ring finger is represented by Apollo and shows your creativity and emotional side. Normal – sociable, artistic and demonstrative. Short – lacks creativity and is closed off emotionally. Long – emotional, lets you know how they are feeling.

Little Finger:

This finger is associated with Mercury and signifies communication skills and honesty. Normal – good communication abilities. Short – they can get easily tongue-tied. Long – they are gifted, public speaking or even writing is their thing.

This information just gives you the basics of palmistry to spark your interest, in future articles we can delve more in-depth, for example covering the writers fork and the simian line (connected to the headline), as well as the minor lines and markings, such as the ring of Solomon, the bracelets of Neptune and more.


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